Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Round 2 - Team # 01 (Giorgio & Dharmesh) #ftc1516

*) - Empty Frame

~Year: 2006~

An empty gold frame rested on the top of Betty Mason's dresser. She knew people thought she was crazy for keeping it there all empty and everything, but she never had the heart to put anything in it. It was meant for one thing and one thing only. She could still remember the day she got it. 

~Year: 1943~

"Betty, before I go I want to give you this." Lieutenant Will Mason said as he held package wrapped in brown paper out to her. They were sitting in his car about to say goodbye. 

"What is it?" Betty asked with curiosity. 

"Open it." and she did. She gazed in awe when she saw what was inside. 

"Oh, Will, this must of cost so much. Why?" She asked smiling at him. 

"For when I come home. I want you, me, and that little guy inside you, to have a picture taken." Will said, rubbing her stomach gently. 

"I'll save it then." Betty said smiling. 

"Now, I think I gotta go. Train whistles a blowin'." and with that grabbed his bag from the back and he and Betty got out of the car. 

"I'll write whenever I get a chance, I promise and I will return." Will said, sounding determined. 

"I'll be waiting for you." Betty said with unshed tears in her eyes. 

The two kissed and hugged for the last time before he boarded the train to England.


Betty sat and sewed on the sofa while little Willy played in his pen. The radio played some big band in the background. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Betty called as she got up. When she opened the door she saw what she'd hope she'd never have to see. It was an army man, dressed nice and crisp. He took off his hat when she opened the door.

"Mrs. Mason?" he asked, making sure. She nodded her head yes, not trusting her voice.

"I'm afraid to inform you that your husband is dead. He died honorably though. To be honest he saved my life and many others." he said as he played with his hat. He wasn't looking her in the eye, he didn't want to see his pain mirrored back.

Betty broke down right there, she couldn't wait till he'd left. The man in door didn't really know what to do, so he rubbed her back slightly, feeling a little uncomfortable doing so.

"Was he in pain?" Betty finally asked, the man looked at her slightly confused.

"When he died, was he in pain?" she asked.

"I don't think so, he died instantly. I was right next to him." the man said. 

"Thank you, sir, but if you don't mind I'd like to be alone with my son now." she said quietly and the man nodded his goodbye and left. 


Betty walked into her room to get something before she left to go to the airport. She was going to see her grandson graduate from Lackland. She was proud of him, she stopped though on her way out to look at the frame, although no image was in it, she still would stop once and a while. Her son, Will, had faught in Vietnam and had stuck with the job. He was now a Major in the Army. William Mason III had followed his father's and grandfather's steps in the military and was about to graduate from Air Force basic training. Betty wouldn't miss this graduation for anything in the world.


Beautiful! :(

Rating - 140/200

Total points after 2 Rounds - 265/400

Judge - Mohit Trendster

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