Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Round 1 - Team # 05 (Dominik & Kuldeep)

Legend Rabbit

What a wonderful life. Jumping through fields of luscious green grass and bright yellow daisies with nothing to worry about. Except the flame coloured mammal. But she's easy to escape. Only once in a while does one of us fall to her sharp filed fingers and her white gleaming teeth. But we move on. We accept it as life. We just hop back to our hutches, our families, mating and whatever other luxuries a rabbit like myself indulges in. 

It's about time the flame haired dog ascends on us again. One of us is bound to go and I think I know who it is destined to be. I know who it is destined to be.

The sun rose and the rabbits ascended to ground level whereupon they pranced and danced among the flowers once again. Then there was a squeak. As a couple dashed out of the woods we all knew it was time again. Everyone turned and leaped and hopped as fast as they could to their homes but there was no need to. She had her prey. Her willing pray. I stood in the middle of the luscious field with the wild daisies dancing in the breeze. Just me and me alone. I felt at peace. The sun caught the violent colour of her fur as she stepped out of her hiding position. She looked straight at me with her eyes sharp and hungry. What a wonderful life this had been. This old rabbit had lived the life everyone wanted to live. I was lucky and now I was ready to go. 


"Legend Rabbit" by Dominik Gutzeit and Kuldeep Gupta

Rating - 87/200

Judge - Mr. Mayank Sharma

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