Monday, October 26, 2015

Round 3 Themes: Horror, Lost World, Spy Fiction #FTC1516

Themes (choose one)

1. Horror


2. Lost World


3. Spy / Detective Fiction

Elements of other genres can be mixed but don't deviate too much from the given theme(s).

Rating out of 200 Points (which looks harsher than it actually 77/100 is a good rating but 154/200 looks average-er than 77/100... smile emoticon(both ratings are are equal)

Word limit (Max.) - 1700 words (No minimum word limit)

We recommend artists to create artworks related to author's story.

Deadline - 05 November 2015 (11:30 PM)

Word limit penalty - Round Disqualification

Late Entry - Minus 5 Points (within 1 Day), Minus 8 Points (within 2 Days), Disqualification (2 plus days)

Email your entries - or

#freelancetalents #FTC1516 #freelance_talents #FTC201516

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