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Round 2 - Team # 02 (Amit & Avijit) #ftc1516


Treta Yug – 7292 BC:

The battle of Lanka was about to end. The army of monkeys led by Sugreev and bears by Jaambvanth defeated the demon army lead by Ravan.
Destruction of Lanka was hurting Kalush, the only vampire soldier in demon army.
Killing all the monkeys around him, he walked towards the sea shore, away from battle-field.
He saw the sea waves with tears in eyes. His ears that could hear any sound in this world could hear the cheers and the chants of “Jai Shri Ram” in the monkey army. He realized that Lord Ram had killed Ravan.

Looking at the bridge called Ram-Sethu, Kalush thought, “I was born 3000 years ago and I was destined to be a king! I am alive because I am yet to fulfill my destiny! Ravan snatched Lanka from Kuber and established a demon kingdom! Joining the army of Ravan, I fought my first battle for him at Alkapuri against Kuber‘s army! That is when I had the vision of having my own Vampire Kingdom in Lanka! But now Lanka has been destroyed! The arson of Lanka by Hanuman burnt my dream! My vision!”
Suddenly, Kalush heard the familiar voice of his elder brother Alwar, “There is nothing for you in Lanka, Kalush! Please come home now!”
Kalush turned and was surprised to see his younger sister Ragini with Alwar.
Looking at his siblings, Kalush said, “Hanuman destroyed Ashok Vatika! I wanted to impress Ravan by defeating Hanuman, rise to ranks and one day overthrow Ravan! But Jambumaali and Aksh Kumar got the chance! Ravan kicked Vibheeshan! I hoped one day I would kick Ravan like that! Ram and Lakshman killed Kumbhkaran and Meghnaad! I hoped that Ram and Ravan will kill each other in war! I would kill Vibheeshan to become king! But Ram killed Ravan! Vibheeshan is all set to be the king that I wanted to be! Having studied so much knowledge in diverse fields over centuries, I am learned! I am fluent in Sanskrit and Tamil!”
Ragini said, “Being king is not everything! In the end, everyone needs happiness! No joy is bigger than family! Come home! We are family!”

Kalush turned, hearing the sound of a boat hitting the sea shore. He saw ten men coming out of the boat. His vampire senses told him that those men were werewolves.
Hiding behind rocks, vampire siblings heard Avibhuj, the leader of werewolves saying, “My brothers! Ram, the prince of Kosala is here to rescue his wife Sita who was abducted by Ravan! Now that Ravan is dead, Ram will return to Ayodhya with Sita soon! King Sugreev and King Jambvanth were here to help Ram and soon they will also return to their kingdoms once Vibheeshan becomes the king! Their army destroyed more than 90% demon army of Lanka! So we don‘t need army! Once, Ram, monkeys and bears leave, we have to attack the palace, kill Vibheeshan, declare ourselves as rulers, call our army and family and after that, establish a werewolf kingdom in Lanka!”
Kalush had seen enough. Taking a high jump, he literally flew into the sky and kicked Avibhuj on the face. Kalush and his clan were one of the oldest vampire clans in the world. They were among unique vampires that had the ability to walk in the sun. Hence, every werewolf recognized Kalush. They were shocked to see him.
However, Avibhuj was not an ordinary werewolf. His clan was also one of the earliest werewolf clans in the world. They had the ability to turn at will, use their wolf powers in human form and retain their human intellect in their wolf form. Even in his human form, Avibhuj was a skilled warrior with extraordinary physical strength. Kalush and Avibhuj exchanged blows. Both of them had witnessed various battles between vampires and werewolves over centuries. Their punches and kicks had no end. Avibhuj had the freedom to use his transformation power to turn into a four legged wolf or a two-legged wolf-man.

Strangling Avibhuj, Kalush said, “Lanka could not be mine but it will not be yours either!” Avibhuj turned into wolf-man, his throat getting free in the process from Kalush‘s grip by becoming larger. He punched Kalush. As Kalush fall, Avibhuj‘s brother Taraksh and friend Aranyashvan grabbed Kalush started scratching and biting him. Seeing this, Alwar and Ragini rushed towards wolves. Seeing them, Avibhuj shouted, “Brothers! We have to leave! More soldiers needed for these vampires! Run!”

All wolves got back into boat and started rowing it.
Later, Kalush was also in a boat sitting with Ragini, with Alwar rowing it. Ragini asked Alwar, “What should we do if Sursa shows up in the middle of the sea?” Kalush replied, “I will fight her! Hanuman will see there is someone as powerful as him!” Kalush called out, “Come out Sursa!”
To distract Kalush, Ragini said, “Kalp has been bitten by werewolves! We fed him with blood of animals and birds! In forest, we did not have any home! A kind-hearted man Yavakri and his wife Sushila gave us shelter!”
After an eight hours journey, the vampires reached a sea shore. They reached the cottage of Yavakri soon. They found Sushila crying over an unconscious Yavakri who had been bitten by a snake. Kalush decided to heal Yavakri. Yavakri got cured due to the miraculous power of vampire blood that Kalush dropped in his mouth. Sushila was thankful to Kalush.

That night, Kalush was alone when Yavakri and Sushila were sleeping inside the cottage with Alwar and Ragini guarding it. Suddenly, Lord Shiva appeared in front of Kalush and appreciated him for saving Yavakri‘s life. Kalush expressed his desire to have his empire. Lord Shiva granted his wish, giving him a glimpse of future, where he saw the events of Mahabharata, Dracula, British rule in India and his fight with werewolves in Kaliyug.
Seeing that, Kalush said, “My vision is not dead! It is alive! It will come true!”


Rating - 121/200 Points

Nice experiment, but it's not a complete self contained entry. Degree of uniqueness in character traits of vampires and werewolves is less than what we read/see in already established series. 

Total Points after 2 Rounds - 249/400 Points

Judge - Mohit Trendster


  1. Great connectivity from Ram to Mahabharata to Dracula and then Kalyug.

  2. Nice one.. Initial part is interesting and grabs attention.. Well written...