Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Round 1 - Team # 16 (Akash & Ayush)

Baby snake, the giant and the vulture  

Once upon a time there was a jungle ruled by reptiles (snakes). 

One day a new baby snake came into life and guess what her first word was hissssssssssss. 
Soon she starts crawling by her mother side and learnt that to survive in the jungle she has to kill and find her food on her own.

One day while on a hunt she saw a giant snake almost 25 feet long attacking another snake, the attack was vicious and the giant one killed that snake in seconds and swallowed it like food.
Baby snake was so terrified to see what she has witnessed. She crawled back to her mother and told her everything about it. She was shocked to know that the way they feed on animals like rats, birds, tortoise and others in the very same way the giant one feeds on them.

Her mother not only told her about the giant snake but also about the danger which they faces from the flying birds (Vultures). But vultures were threat to reptiles only when they goes to the higher ground of the jungle.  

Why we go to higher ground when we already know that we can get ourselves killed by the vultures asked baby snake?

Because every single reptile is afraid of the giant and to leave that fear behind they have no choice except of leaving the jungle and to leave they have to get to the very peak of the ground, from where they can enter into another jungle by jumping from the peak which allows them to cross the valley between our jungle to the other and in that process they get killed. Either we die here or at the higher ground we have no choice but to live in fear of getting killed sooner or later by any one of those two predators.  

Mamma snake made it very clear to the baby that its reptiles fate that they have to accept and to live with it.   

Baby snake was hurt as she realized that it may be the jungle where she has born but actually it’s a prison where she can be hanged to death without even committing a crime. 
Just like her mother she accepted the fate and became alert and careful, still living in fear was something which took her innocence away from her.

Day passed and the day after days passed 
Fate can be ruthless sometime and when it’s rude you have to face the worst. That very same happened to the baby snake on a day while following a rat she came across the giant 
The giant hissed like he was laughing at the baby. 
Baby snake was shaking like a leaf in storm. She knew that her fate has played its game and now she is going to be another victim of the giant, but at the same time she decided to not to be afraid any more of the fear from which she was running all her life(month).
As he attacked to grab her head she dozed and spit her venom into the eyes of the giant. The venom wasn’t venomous for the giant but it made him blind for few seconds which gave chance to baby snake to ran away.

But baby had something else in her mind she decided to play with her fate and started crawling towards the higher ground. 

Now it was a matter of pride to the giant as few other lucky ones also had escaped him but spitting venom in his eyes added insult to his ego, he followed her like hell.
It was not very bad day either as baby snake somehow by dozing few attacks of the giant reached to the peak, she took a long breathe and jumped from there, as soon she jumped there was a big relief on her face that she has dozed the giant forever, she turns her face to see one last time the place where she was born. 

As soon she turns her face a big giant mouth bite her head, it was the giant one who just caught the baby by matter of seconds. 

He threw her in the ground, baby snakes face was torn from one side by the attack, she was not able to move , the giant laughed, to avenge the insult he has faced by the baby he decided to swallow her alive, he bite her again and released allot of venom inside her body. 
She was alive but in allot of pain. The giant hissed like a lion roar in the jungle. He grabbed baby snakes head and started swallowing her. 

Suddenly his mouth which has grabbed the head of baby snakes opened in pain, the giant felt something very sharp has pierced his body. He tried to lift his head to see what actually is happening to him, soon he lift his head he trembled like a leaf just like the baby snake. 
It was the vulture who has come to play his part of a predator to the predator. He pierced all his killer nails into the body of giant at instant giving him the worse pain one can never dream to experience and fly in the sky.

The giant hissed and kept hissing in vain while trying to escape his death but failed.
That day many reptiles heard the hiss of the giant and saw him becoming victim of the vulture in the sky. That one day they thanked the vulture for only once, now they can live free from fear at least in the jungle inspite of not knowing that the vulture was not to be thanked solely.
Far on the higher ground near the peak baby snake was about to die but not in vain, she was proud to not to be the victim but to make the giant a victim of vulture which made him smile at the face of death. 



"Baby snake, the giant and the vulture" by Akash Kumar and Prince Ayush 

Rating - 114/200 Points

(Deadline Penalty - Minus 8 Points)

Final Rating - 106/200

Note from judge - "....Language is not smooth and full of grammatical errors, author is not comfortable in English. Too much detailing ruining the sketch." 

Judge - Mr. Mayank Sharma

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