Monday, October 12, 2015

Round 1 - Team # 15 (Amit & Rishi)

Sense of Initiative

“Look at that …….what a shameless creature …. Pandey.”, said MAX, a pet dog in the Harihar society.
“hmmmmm…. Just spitting pan masala on the street makes him happy. But call him Pandeyji and not Pandey Max”, replied DAISY, a female pet. They were having a evening conversation on the terrace.

“Bhow ….. bhow .. wow ……………….”, “Bhow .. wow ….. bhow .. wow ……………….”
Miss Subohi just threw left out meal on the backside of her house where these two street dogs were sitting.

“hahahahahahahahahaha ………… mazzaaaaaayi… mazaaaaaaayi…”,  shouted the mischievous parrot from his open cage in Mr. Sawhney’s house.

“Just Shut your mouth Noisy Professor……….. Bhow  wow……. Whhhhwwhhh”, shouted the street dog.

“Look at that thirsty crow sitting in front of the dirty plot (where most of the people of the society threw garbage) on gathered water. He is so thirsty every time.”, said DAISY(female pet dog).

“Yesterday he drank from the pot of water which my owner had kept on the terrace to worship God SUN.”, replied MAX

“Amma is coming back ..”, shouted Nosiy Professor (Parrot). The cows and buffaloes came back from the fields in their dairy (Lachcha Milk Dairy).

“Amma … just excrete in front of Pandeyji’s house, he again spitted pan today.”, shouted Professor (Parrot).

And way she goes …….. “phewwwww … Tannnnnnnnnn”.

Pandeyji comes fighting at the dairy with Lachcha, the owner.

“It was fun………..  hahaha ……  hey where’s that Sprite ?”, asked DAISY (Female Dog).
“Sprite  ?????”, asked MAX
“Sprite ?????”, asked the parrot.
“Ya …..the crow …….”, replied Daisy
“Crow……Sprite ???”

“Yes …Crow – Sprite – ‘Bujhayee only Pyaas,baakipoorabakwaas’.

“hahaha …..”

“Now its my time to go for a evening walk with my owner – Yash…….  Bye bye”, said Professor to the street dogs and MAX & DAISY.

“It's the second day, son of Mr. Sharma is in fever and he has to admitted today as his health is deteriorating”, said Amma (Cow in the dairy) to other Amma (Cow).

“Ahhahaa ………….   Look at these literate fools…….  They are throwing the garbage in this empty plot Yash…..”, said Professor (Parrot).
“What can be done…..they do not have the hygienic sense…”, said Yash.
“ And look how this drainage of the street is blocked with the garbage. You said that stagnant water is dangerous and when it is so dirty.”, replied Professor.

“Na nanana …………….Ohh  God…… ???”

Son of Mr. Sharma was admitted in the hospital last night and now he is stable.
“Doctors said he was diagonised with DENGUE.”, said the cow while going to the field in the morning.

“There is a bad news guys…….”, said the Professor (Parrot).

“What ????  What ???”, asked the street dogs, MAX, DAISY.

“The Crow is no more.”

“What ?? how come ….”

“May be due to some infection or something. I saw him lying dead at the courtyard in Sec-14 yesterday.”, said the Professor(Parrot).
“Ohh I saw him drinking the dirty water that is stuck in front of the dustbin plot.”,saod DAISY.

“A government garbage VAN comes early in the morning. No one from the society comes up except for few.”, said the cow.

“Ok I think, we need to teach them about how to be hygienic and keep the society clean and not only the house.”, said the professor.

“Amma (cow), just excrete in front of the house of Pandeyji, Mr. Sharma, Miss Subohi, Mr. Rawat and all the neighbors near that empty plot. Please do so when you would be back from the field. These are the people who are making the society unhygienic.”
, said the Professor (Parrot).

“What are you up to Mr. NosiyProfessor ??”, asked the street dogs.
“He is trying to make a plan for the cleanliness of the society.”, said DAISY, “I am so impressed.”

“What you guys are up to ??”, asked Milky (Cat in the society).

“Bhow ….. bhow .. wow …”

“Just get lost MILKY”, shouted DAISY, “or else these perverts (street dogs) will not let you breathe even.”

“MILKY ……  I mean….. Madam, please let us know if you have any idea of how we can clean the empty plot and communicate the lesson to the members of the society.”, asked the professor (Parrot).

“yaawwww ……. I need a full bowl of milk.”, asked MILKY (CAT).

“Done…….  DAISY and MAX will arrange it for you.”, said the professor.

“These street dogs will bring two big brooms from the water tank building.”, said MILKY.

“Bhow ….. bhow .. wow …”

“Shut-up……..guys we need to initiate things and this is an important task of cleanliness. If we will not start today then how we will ensure our Prime Minister’s
dream of Swach Bharat-2019.”, Professor persuaded.

“The garbage can be cleaned and put up in the garbage Van that comes early morning”, MILKY continued, “In this era of communication Mr. Professor, please use your owners Wattsapp.”

“Hmmmmmmm …..Niklinaa hum sab kimausi ……….MILKY ….. Thanks… we will do this way.”

“Street Dogs …just move…..  DAISY and MAX try and make the VAN waiting in the morning.”

“I will Watssapp the message from Yash’s number to you and you forward it in the society’s group.”, said the Professor.

“Be ready guys………”

In the evening Ammma came back from the field and did the rubbish at everyone’s doorstep. The watssapp was forwarded to the members of the society.

Next morning, the whole society came near the empty plot which was clean and beside stood these two dogs and a banner of “Keep your city clean”, which was printed through YASH’s priniter by Mr. Professor.

“SunoSuno …….Abkibaar …….Safairakhooyaar”, shouted the Parrot and everyone saw the initiative taken by these animals and felt ashamed.


Sense of Initiative by Rishi Sri and Amit Albert

Rating - 125/200

(Deadline Penalty - 5 Points)

Final Rating - 120/200

Judge - Mr. Mayank Sharma 

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