Monday, October 12, 2015

Round 1 - Team # 03 (Handika & Vyom)

A Meeting

Mira, the cat, was gently set down on the white rug, next to the dog, Rosen. Mira is a light brown cat, and she has green eyes. Rosen is a golden retriever, with cerulean eyes. The two animals stared at each other, both a bit indignant with their presence. Didn't the humans know of the rivalry between felines and canines? Unacceptable! Rosen shifted his tail, wanting to start conversation as to release the tension in the room. "Hello, cat." he barked politely. "" responded Mira tentatively. "I am Rosen. Are you the new addition to the family I heard about? I thought it was a baby, which would be an addition to volume as well as a family, in which case-" he said as Mira cut him off. "Yes, I am presumably the one you have heard about. I am Mira, and if we are going to be friends, then you ought to tell me about yourself." she said in a slightly snooty tone, slapping her paw down to add effect. Rosen was a little miffed, and he was also taken aback by her behavior. This, he recoiled with a sloth frown. "What do you mean?" he inquired. "Tell me about your life before all of this, you mutt!" she meowed furiously. She then realized how rude it sounded when she took a look at Rosen's face. He was whimpering, and his eyes shined with bright tears. "I'm sorry. Where were you before you lived at this house?" she said. "I-I think I was at the animal shelter, without Mama. They took me away from her, forever. I was born in an alley, I remember that, and then some people took us to the shelter. Then Mama got adopted before me...and you know the rest." sniffed Rosen, his head down. "I'm so sorry! That same thing happened to me!" yelped Mira sorrowfully. Rosen looked up from his paws. "Really?" he asked. "Yes. Now, I'm here with my best friend!" she said happily. "Who?" said Rosen curiously. "YOU!" replied Mira, smiling as much as possible. The two friends nuzzled each other. They were both happy.


A Meeting by Vyom Dayal and Handika Tauras

Rating - 98/200

Judge - Mr. Mayank Sharma

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