Sunday, October 25, 2015

R2 - Participatory Entry - Remote (Team # 11)

Team 11) -  Yohan Haash – Jen Steen

Round 1 Entry not submitted

Round 2 - Participatory Entry*

It was just another same old boring day of school today as usual and second hour’s class had barely just begun. Ugh! World History, my oh so favorite class of the day. There I was, sitting at my poorly mistreated beaten up desk, looking through the dark and gloomy prison bars that held me captive till 3 O’ Clock later that day; I wondered when I will ever leave this horrendous classroom, oh wait, I guess I have left it for looking down at my dinged up desk I saw that this weeks lesson plan for the male human anatomy in Biology…….I’d rather be back in World History class instead. Out of the blue this Banshee like scream is echoing down through the dirty hallways and shook the very walls of my drab penitentiary.
Then the hideous colored red door opened without notice and was slammed against the wall that usually faces to its right, until now, a beast with long straggly fur, beady red eyes, razor sharp claws protruding from skeleton like hands, leaving its grotesque outline on what used to be called ‘a wall’. It breathed so heavily that the revolting stench that came from it made the kid in the far right hand corner of the class to pass out onto the floor. Everyone in the class room was quivering in their boots from the sheer creepiness that radiated from the beast that even the teacher passed out onto the floor, with the same kid drawing mustaches on everyone’s face that passed out in the class. I, still sitting in my decrypted seat, payed no attention to the beast and was still in deep thought, now thinking about Cats VS Derp whales in an epic battle of the ages.
I could feel that something was staring at me intently, but it was more of a stalkerish way of staring at someone; I slowly began to look over in the way of where the beasts was and what I saw was simply the most terrifying thing a sane normal teenage girl can ever imagine in her life to experience….another teenage drama queen trying to get the world to realize her and her daily “tortures” that she goes through everyday.
She darted off towards my direction and screamed at the top of her lungs, so that God himself could hear her plea:
“Amy!” the girl shouted hysterically “AMY!!!”
“Just ignore her Am, if you ignore her she might go away after a while.” I quietly muttered to myself “Just ignore her.”
“Amy!!” she said glomping onto me such force that I swear I smelled Chinese food from the ground below me “Amy, Amy, Amy, AMY!!” she blathered her sour tears into my shirt.
“What is it Emma, what is the problem?” I said trying to comfort her “What is the matter Emma, did someone wear the same outfit as yours today?”
“This is serious Amy!”
“Okay okay, sheesh, just trying to cheer you up.”
“Well your doing a terrible job at it, what a good friend you are! Why is everyone being mean to me?!”
“Woah, woah, woah what are you going on about now? No one is being mean to you, its you that’s being mean to everyone especially that poor door over there, what made you think of such a silly thing like that?”
“If I told you do you promise not to laugh at me?” she asked solemnly with puppy dog eyes.
“I promise on my great great grandkitties grave that I shan’t laugh at you, no matter how stupid or non-important it may seem in my eyes, I will not giggle, chuckle, laugh, snort, or any other noises that may seem like I am making fun of you. I promise.”
“Okay.” Emma said taking in a breath and then went full on speed “Well my so called “friend” Tasha is such a-”
“Watch your language” I calmly said.
“- butterbean! She’s been saying mean and just plain mean things behind my back for the past two weeks!”
“Yes continue.” I said eating my imaginary popcorn.
“And she hasn’t been a very good friend lately because she is like paying more attention to her school work instead of me, who likes to do school work anyway?”
“People who have more of a vocabulary than what you have.” I thought to myself.
“She was so like rude to me today for she said ‘Hi’ to me! Hi! You don’t say hi to me I prefer a welcome like “Your eminticaflabo” or something like that!”
“Can’t even say “your eminence” correctly.”
“But what I’m trying to say is that we were supposed to do a project together in this—what is this class again?”
“It’s World History Emma. We’ve been in it for the past semester now.”
“Whatev. Well guess what! Go ahead guess what she did!”
“Uhmmm you stumped me there. What terrible thing did she do?”
“SHE FORGOT TO BRING THE REMOTE FOR OUR PRESENTIATION!! How can someone so cruel and evil do a thing like that?! Tell me Amy that you agree with me that what she did was just so not cool! Amy?”
I then began to stare at my friend Emma, with the un-amused cat face, for about three to four minutes seeing if she got the hint that I thought that that was such a silly thing to cry over about. I then began to think to myself for a moment:
“She did all of that over a remote? She screamed making everyone’s ear bleed, broke the door and the wall, made almost everyone faint and let the kid draw mustaches on the unconscious victims, almost pinned me to the ground, and ruined my favorite cat shirt with her pathetic tears of sorrow……there is only one word that can be able to describe her. Stupid.” 
“Amy, you okay?” Emma asked curiously waving her hand in my face as if I spaced out.
I then bopped her on her forehead and then simply said with a straight face:
"Could’ve had a V8.”

Rating - 55/200 
(*Out of competition, only to improve the overall Team Rank)

Judge - Mohit Trendster

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