Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Abandoned (Team # 04) - Participatory Entry

Alone. Abandoned. Dumped. Him. He left her here in the forest, alone. She had spent the night in an abandoned fox den, at least, she hoped it was abandoned. She lifted her head and thought about her old life. She remembered walks on the beach, catching frisbees, and playing tug. Then her monan master left, and the man master brought her here. Her boy master was crying, sobbing in the car. She whined and pulled at the leash to get to him, but the man master pulled on the leash, and she followed. They came to a clearing in the forest and he took the leash off her. "Stay. Stay Luna." he commanded as he walked off. The car's motor started up and faded away, she knew she had been dumped. She was jolted out of her thoughts as a drop of rain hit her nose. She shook her head and stood, to find somewhere to shelter. She walked and walked, getting wetter and colder. At last she found a cave and barked "Hello?" There was no answer, so she went inside. She lay down and rested her head on her paws.

Artwork not submitted


"Abandoned" by Team 4) - Jan Różański – Moinac Patel

Rating - 40/200

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