Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Round 1 - Team # 02 (Avi & Amit)

Jungle Chase

Walking in the forest, Fox saw the grapes on a tree and said, “My grandfather could not get grapes and called them sour! But I will get them and impress my vixen!”

Fox jumped and tried to catch the grapes many times. After trying for 30 minutes, he got tired and said, “Damn! Grapes are sour!”

Feeling the heat of sun, Fox decided to sleep somewhere away from the sun. Shade of tree was not enough for him. When he failed to find a cave, he decided to sleep in a pit that was little bit shallow.
Sleeping tight, Fox was dreaming of grapes. Salivating in his sleep, he looked like a dead fox.
A vulture couple was flying by. Female vulture Giddhi said, “Look! There is a corpse of a fox in the pit! We should eat it! But how do we pull it out of pit?” Smart stupid male vulture Gradhra said, “Once a crow wanted water from a pit! He dropped pebbles of stone in the pit! Water floated over to the top of pit! We will drop pebbles and corpse will float to the top!”

Giddhi liked the idea. Next moment, both vultures started dropping the pebbles. Fox woke up. Realizing who was throwing pebbles at him, he jumped out of the pit, grabbing the Gradhra. Seeing this, Giddhi flew away. Gradhra called out, “My love! Please don‘t leave me! You will be alone this mating season!” Giddhi, still flying away, said, “Don‘t worry! I will seduce any vulture with my twerking moves! Many human females do that! Hee Hee Hee!” 

Fox told Gradhra, “Don‘t worry mate! I can eat you but my Vixen also needs food! So I will catch your mate and both of you become dinner of my romantic date with Vixen tonight! Your love will be immortal!” Gradhra said, “That‘s the spirit mate! GARRR! Catch that unfaithful ho!”
Holding male vulture, Fox ran behind Giddhi, singing the song, 

“Come be… Come be…
Come be my dinner babe!”

Gradhra, still in the grip of Fox shouted angrily at Giddhi, “Stop you cheat! My funeral can‘t mean a new honeymoon for you!”

Fox picked a big stone and threw it on the Giddhi. Giddhi dodged it and the stone hit the forehead of a lion sleeping on a rock. He woke up and angrily looked at Fox. He yelled, “You low life vermin! How dare you throw stone at me?” Fox pleaded with fear, “Sorry your majesty! It was a mistake!” Lion yelled, “Mistake? You hit bull’s-eye by mistake? Let me show you the mistake my claws make with your skin! This whole jungle knows me as Lion!”
Lion jumped and chased the Fox. Now Fox was running as a prey with Lion chasing as the hunter. Gradhra in the captivity of Fox sung,

“Hunter now hunted…
What a tragedy!
What an atrocity!”

Angry Lion roared as he sung,

“GARRR! I am a hunter,
You wanna see my claw!
You will die,
When you fell under my paw!

Lion pounced on Fox and Fox jumped over a sitting elephant that was eating a lunch. Lion‘s paw slapped the elephant. Angry elephant started chasing the Lion. He trumpeted, “You are king of jungle but I am king of elephants! I am Gajraj! After slapping me, you cannot run without getting stomped by me!”

Lion was chasing the Fox and he was feeling nervous about being chased by Gajraj. Running Gajraj punched a tree getting in his way, making it fall. Angry monkeys living on that tree picked the broken woods from the tree and chased Gajraj with wood in their hands that they wanted to use as weapons.

Near a river, a beaver cut a tree with his teeth and put it on river as a bridge. Fox, holding Gradhra in his hand ran over the bridge saying, “Woohoo! I inaugurated the new bridge!” Lion went running over that bridge. After Lion, when Gajraj came on the bridge, he slipped and fall in the river, creating a lot of movement in the river water and throwing all crocodiles on the land in the path of monkeys that were running with woods in hand. 

Crocodiles yelled at monkeys, “GARRR! Your ancestors kept their heart at the tree they lived on! But we assume you have your hearts with you as you need to fight from heart in order to win!” Vaanar Raj, king of monkeys hit Magar Raj, king of crocodiles with the wood saying, “Looks like you watch wrestling show Jungle Wrestling Entertainment! You like bears?” Magar Raj punched Vaanar Raj saying, “No! I watch the Mixed Martial Arts show called Jungle Fighting Championship and along with bears, it has wolves and wild dogs!”

Meanwhile, Fox, still holding Gradhra, came running into the area of wild dogs.  Lion was chasing him. Gajraj had caught up with Lion. Wild dogs barked at all three of them and chased them to tear them into bits. Now Gajraj was running ahead of all and Lion was running behind him. Fox, holding Gradhra was running behind Lion. All of them crossed the bridge. Monkeys and Crocodiles were fighting each other. Seeing wild dogs, they set their differences aside and got ready to unite against wild dogs. 

Attack from a wild dog made the Fox to let go off Gradhra, allowing latter to escape. Lion, Crocodiles and Monkeys started fighting against wild dogs. Vaanar Raj announced, “We are Jungle Avengers!”

Meanwhile, Gradhra went to Giddhi and saw her with a vulture called Giddhaan Vulture Hashmi. Caressing Giddhi‘s wings, Giddhan sung:

“Bheegi chonch teri,
Pyaasa dil mera.
Lage abra sa,
Mujhe par tera.”

Just then Giddhaan saw Gradhra with an angry expression. Giddhi was shocked to see Gradhra still alive. Gradhra strangled and killed Giddhi and Giddhaan singing:

“Garrr! Achha sila diya toone mere pyaar ka”

After that, Gradhra enjoyed the feast on the flesh of killed wild dogs and monkeys.

Moral – Smart and swift survive any battle.


"Jungle Chase" by Amit Kumar and Avijit Misra

Rating - 128/200

Judge - Mr. Mayank Sharma