Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Participatory Entry "Meow" (Team # 18)


Oral is a cat who is lost in a dark forest, the only thing he has to get out is to find the only light that is in the heart of the forest. Each step he took a loud crunch sound of twigs echoed the whole place. Oral's purrs and mieows for help dying of starvation.

"Help! Mieow..." Oral cries some more until a rustle near the bushes made Oral turn his head and hiss.

"Who lies over there child?" A squeaky voice asked Oral, Oral took a step towards the bush as a orange and white tail came out.

"Who's there?" Oral asked, a fox suddenly appeared in front of his eye's as Oral's grey satin fur stand on end.

"Who are you?!" The fox asked.

"I-I'm Oral..." Oral mieowed back.

The fox smiled deviously, "Heh, My name's Foxxy. I guess your not from around here?"

"Uh-huh, I'm a grey satin cat... Do you know which way to the heart of this forest?" Oral asked him letting out a purr.

The fox laughed, "If you want to go to the heart of the forest you have to fight the boar."

"T-The boar?" Oral stammered, Foxxy nodded it's tail sweeping across the ground leaves and twigs swept away.

"See you! Good luck, if possible." Foxxy left Oral staring at Foxxy as he left.

Oral set out onto the trail unaware of what's up ahead, Oral was a brave and strong kitty, but scared at the same time.

The wind blew and whistled across the canopy, Oral’s paw prints made a trail across the dirt ground. Oral stopped and looked up his orangey cat-like eyes staring at the tall forest trees that rose up above his head. Oral’s furs blew left and right a sudden shiver along Oral’s spine of the cold autumn wind.

A sudden rustle across the trees the birds flew away the animals scattered, Oral knew there was trouble. Two pairs of cat eyes were gleaming in the bushes. A hiss and a purr were heard. 

Oral backed away his paw crunching twigs and leaves, the two animals came out, two felines stood there staring at him. 

“Who are you, little cat!” The 1st cat hissed at him, he had orange fur the color of marmalade and two green eyes black skinny pupils peered at Oral.

“You don’t look like you belong here; you must live at the far end of the forest.” The 2nd cat murmured, he had black fur and yellow eyes. He looked like he wanted to eat Oral.

“I am Oral, I don’t live in this forest nor I live at the far end. I’m just a little lost cat.” Oral answered frightened. 

The marmalade tom grinned, “You speak in terms of wisdom.” Oral peered at them.

“I do not know what are you talking about but, I need to find something.” 

The black cat closed his eyes, “I see you are looking for the heart of the forest. The only light in this blackness. The only thing that will give you hope and wishes.”

Silence came between the 3 cats as the marmalade tom and black cat looked at Oral, “My name is Iran, this is Rian.” The black car introduced himself and the marmalade cat. 

“We will help you on your journey, but it will not cost free.” Rian told Oral, Oral sat and licked his paw and began rubbing between his head and ear with it.

“I accept your offer.” Oral stood up and walked on Iran and Rian close behind.

The 3 cats padded across the forest floor until they saw the boar they were looking for, a huge black boar was sniffing at the grass, the boar looked up at them. It smashed it’s foot on the ground and charged at Oral and the 2 cats. 

Oral was thrown over the boars head then skidded on to the ground. Oral staggered to stand up Iran and Rian backing Oral up. Rian pounced on the boar and bit his ear, the boar stook his head Rian digging his claws into the boars delicate skin and some fur. Iran hissed at the boar and scratched and scratched the boars skin.

“You scared? Fat head!” Rian hissed at the boar.

“Or are you a little mouse skittering for your lives, two faced!” Iran hissed at the boar too. 

“You stupid felines! ARGHHH!!! *Snort*” The boar shook the cats off and trotted back into the trees. Oral stood up scratches all over his body, blood trickled down his cheek as Oral rubbed the blood away the red colour dyed into his grey satin fur.

“Thank you, Rian, Iran.” Oral thanked them, Iran and Rian bowed their heads.

“No, don’t thank us. We thank you we never had a great time fighting that boar. We must be going…” Iran and Rian trotted away their tails swiping the twigs and leaves of autumn as they walked away. Oral turned and walked towards the heart of the forest.

When he got there there was a tiny light up ahead and Oral knew that his pain and journey had paid off, the only light in the forest was straight ahead of him. Oral mieowed and purred and innocent steps he took towards the light.

At the light a little hole entrance that led to the outside was right in front of Oral, "I'm finally free..." 

Oral stepped a little paw towards the hole and a few steps after it.The light got bright and brighter as if god was welcoming you to heaven. 

In front of Oral was the outside, the beautiful tiny cottage surrounded by many beautiful cherry trees. A little old women stood there noticing the little cat standing in front of her. 

Oral had found his new home...


"Meow" Participatory Entry by Team 18) – Andrey Ivanov – Jenny Dawnikins

Artwork not submitted

Rating - 53/200

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