Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Unluckiest Author Award : Avijit Misra

Unluckiest Author, first in the list of FTC Special Awards  goes to Mr. Avijit Misra!!

Few talented authors wrote wonderful stories & scored good points, readers loved their stories/poems but they were unlucky to be eliminated before quarter finals of Freelance Talents Championship (2013-14). These authors are Shivam Pandya, Rishi Srivastava, Srishti Yash Mudaliar, Priyashrav Bhardwaj, Savita Agarwal, Saurab Mehra, Amit Rawat but topper of the list is Mr. Avijit Misra.

Match Record

*) - Round 1 - Priyashrav Bhardwaj (Hero Worship : 65.5/100) def. Avijit Misra (Then & Now : 65/100)

After the closest loss of the tournament Avijit was assigned to Parallel League.

*) - Parallel League Rank # 11 (Love is Blind : 75/100), originally Top 5 authors from Parallel League were selected for Qualifiers but 6 authors withdraw and Avijit got one more shot at Top 16 against his desired opponent from 16 Round 2 winners.

*) - Qualifier - Srishti Yash Mudaliar ( Anecdotes : 61.5/100) def. Avijit Misra (Ambiguous Love : 56/100)

His last match was controversial as Srishti combined combined 3 entries as an anthology-creation within the given word limit which was opposed by few readers.

Technically, after getting positive reviews from readers and consistently performing excellent Avijit Misra remain winless in Freelance Talents Championship.

Avi! Thank you! for entertaining us. We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors....

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