Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ambica Bhardwaj - Parallel League Rank # 7

*) - The Lasting Friendship

Ambica Bhardwaj's entry is # 7 out of 281 entries & she is now challenger number 3 from Parallel Leaguecompeting for a place in Round 3.

My life is tough, rough is my way,
But since you met, I found my sun ray,
I follow you, you light my mind,
In milky beam, all joys I find.

You’re ocean, I can’t swim through,
I dive in you, each depth is new,
In tiny heart, you keep my dreams,
My moon you are, with million beams.

I bathe each time, in novice ray,
Each night is new, unique each day,
But you are one, so is your heart,
We merged in love, how can we part?

From distance, world may find us new,
But, we were one, is history too,
You were my life, I was your soul,
Our way was one, so was our goal.

You are too young, while I am old,
You are too shy, while I am bold,
You like romance, but yet don’t express,
And feel so deep, but show so less.

So, I do take much care of you,
Each evening find much work to do,
Lest your heart may feel lonely deep,
And your eyes may get wet with grief.

I vowed to make my love reshine,
Your success is great, victory mine,
In doing this it happens so,
You mistrust me, and want to go.

I handle you with utmost care,
And so much sweet people are rare,
My luck- I found this precious jewel,
With many skills, I can’t all tell.

Your charm is such, I like you much,
I crave your kiss and long your touch,
But, you are mine, this fact is great,
My Love, My Dreams, My Luck, My Fate.

Rating - 79/100

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