Saturday, June 15, 2013

Round 1 (Match # 1) - Srishti Yash Mudaliar vs. Saurabh Agrawal

*) - Indian Society

 (#1 Srishti Yash Mudaliar)

Here, you can piss in public but kissing in public to the austerer society is as a sin as a crime,
Choose here you cannot a spouce of your choice, to suit your caste, one, the society chooses.
States and regions, religions, cults, castes, races are numerous, Orthodoxy being of all the prime.
System of education is though vocational, a bulk of unemplyed every year the country oozes.
Lack of labour makes none poor, but to lack of its dignity in the society, the individual looses,
Streets are well laid, pollute them the cattle dung, smoky vehicles and a billion crawling ants,
Law is not one, social system is corrupt, upon the stolen and bribed the rich society boozes.

Rejected food to eat, hovels of untrusted strength to live, to wear we have only two pairs of pants.
Males multiply in number every year here, half the females born in India the society decants.
The new year comes every month, so do the festivals of light, colors, harvests and merry chants,
Appareled in bright colors of varied languges, thoughts, skins, the Indian society is colorful,
Preserved natural beauty is the north, preserved antiquity of the our west upon the west rants,

The art of the south of preserving cultute, and eastern patrons of age old art seem wonderful!!
Variety is in the food, clothing, lifestyle, weather, the country of the Indians is very beautiful.
Kins here are affectionate, life partners here mean two people that’d be together for lifetime,
Parents still care the offsprings like humans, values make Indian society friendly and helpful,

Old people share not at old age home, but at their’s, the experiences worth many a thousand dime.
Too varied, too magnanimous, too giagantic this society is, to fit a scheme of many a rhyme!!
Indian society is not one, Indian society is but one, it is same at other, it is but varied at time.
Rich live here poor live here, men of God lived here, angels live here, lives here the devil,
Braves live here, cowards live here, different people come and go everybody lives for some time.
Blend of many cultures, blend of patchy mud and tar streets, India is a blend of all good and evil.
These many regions and many states of our own did not suffice our nation’s glory and the cavil,
So the French ruled, the Mughals and the British ruled, several others came and left us their trails.
Lessons of life were left to us by great poets and the martyrs who for the society put life to peril,
We respect our animals, do not keep to hunt but to love our fishes, lions, lizards and quails.
Come people, find the socialities of the whole world here, in the Indian heads and Indian tails.

*) - Entry not submitted by # 64 - Saurabh Agrawal

Judging not Applicable

Result - Srishti Yash Mudaliar gets a walk-over victory over Saurabh Agrawal ann reaches the final 32 round. Saurabh is assigned to Parallel League.


  1. poem bahut badi hai .. shabo ka acha prayog kiya hai .. par starting as a pace thoi low aur bold thi