Saturday, July 6, 2013

Parallel League Champion - James Linton

 *) - Rebirth

(James Linton)

Parallel League Champion

I've been wading through too many dreams, 
but I've finally reached the haven of reality.
I've broken through the raw surface of emotion that had trickled into every crack and crevasse, 
every nook and cranny, every abyss and chasm. 
Your wondrous glory has burned me; left me with so many scars.  
I wear the wounds with pride; they've become my trophies. 
They're sharpened to the point of shininess; polished to perfection.  
I can see my reflection.  Even though my love has lost, I've still won.

Your rosy petals have withered; 
your kaleidoscopic colours have faded into monochrome.
Your blade sharp thorns have become stepping stones; 
I'm immune to your cuts and stings. 
You're the only one in the ocean I ever wanted.  
Trying to catch you left me with more than just a hook in my mouth.  
Blood was spilling into the waters of self-pity.  S
harks were swarming, surrounding me on all sides, 
snapping up fish which were mindlessly opening and closing their mouths.  
What did I do? I grew thicker scales.  

Your eyes have become jaded to me; 
just two more stars in an already cramped sky. 
Mesmerised by spiralling coils of liquid gold.  
Your fire has been extinguished now.  
Mine is still blazing on; all you did was add kindling.  
words were lost in that desolate void; a simple nothingness; an eternal silence.  
A quietness so loud, it deafened out every single noise.  
You taught me the importance of zoning into just one voice.  The only sound that matters.

 Verve bids me onward lest I die in sorrow;
a lighter tomorrow I cannot borrow, yet
I cling to a thin shred of hope,
pulling myself ashore onto a clearing, 
envisaging a panorama
with a plethora of
awaiting discoveries.

When buildings collapse, the rubble is swept up,
when tyres puncture, we patch up the wounds,
when ice melts, we can refreeze the fluid,
when milk is spilt, the mess is absorbed by towels,
when we cry, we dry our tears,
when muscles tear, they grow back stronger.
 Shot me in the dark,
So I can't close my eyes.
So I can say you looked at me,
When you took my life.

You held my hand in guidance,
As you walked me through my death.
You stood by me in silence,
As I took my last breath.

My knight in shinning armor,
Did not show me his interior,
All the reflective metal,
Brought attention to the exterior.

Your voice is red velvet,
An insult to the lie.
Your love a beautiful poison,
An addiction by and by.

You hurt me oh so good,
My love you were a rose.
You sang me a sweet lullaby,
I drifted to a dose.

My sleep a broken dream,
One I could not wake.
So you led me to my death,
But with you it was my fate.

To fall in love was certain,
To kiss those lips of hope.
In false love you took me,
And handed me the rope.

Rating - 91/100

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