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Round 3 (Match # 5) - Rishi Srivastava vs. Karan Virk

*) - I am not Heer

(Rishi Srivastava)


Have you ever noticed that a quiet afternoon at the backyard of your house or a small room in the roof-top is much more scary than a complete darkness on the street ?

I might come-up with such more questions as the narration progresses.

There was a small colony in the outskirts of Delhi near Chattarpur area – Rajpur Colony or rather Chattarpur Extension. It all started there.

There had been various cases of horror accidents that people have came across in the past one year.

“Trrriiiiiiiinnnngg! Trrriiiiiiiinnnnngg ! Trrriiiiiiiinnnnngg ! ……”

The extra classes of Class X th today were dismissed a little late today in the school. It happened often.

But today the weather was not good. The wind was blowing like anything, dark clouds made it look more ugly and frightening. It was 6 in the evening.

“Yaar … what a beauty she is… Today I will force her to come with me on my Bike.”, said

Kundan, elder son of the cycle stand in the school.

“Are you sure. She will complain against you.”, said one of his friend standing with him and watching these beautiful girls who were heading to their home on their bicycles.

“Hi … ahhh Hello !   Hello !  Samira.”, wishedKundan to Samira, a very beautiful girl in the school.

“Hello ! Kundan …”, said Samira

“ So ….. class got over …”

“Obviously. That is why I am going home naa…”, said Samira.

“So if you have time lets go for a tea on my bike.” asked Kundan.

“Why ? Why should I go with you…..”

“See that day I repaired your bicycle also..”, Kundan tried to persuade her.

“So I should go with you on a ride…. Are you in your senses… Kundan”, said Samira in a rude tone.

“You should come with me or I will have to do something odd…..”, said Kundan while holding Samira’s hand tightly.

Samira calmed herself and looking at the situation as there was no one in the cycle-stand said,” Ok … Ok … why you are getting so angry….”

“and why should we go out when there is so much peace here in the school ….”

“ lets … go on the third floor … wind is blowing and that would be a good place for us to chat.”

“are you sure …..?”, asked Kundan.

“So ….. what you think of me…. ??” asked Kundan.

“ Lets go at the last room in the corridor…” said Samira.

Kundan was so much pleased and excited that he did not realized that they were moving towards Room No. 415 which was famous for its ghostly rumours.

“So shall we play some game …. “, asked Samira.

“Yes …. If you say what game ?…”

“ you go in this room and count till 50 and then you will have to find me …… I would be anywhere on this floor…”, said Samira.

“and what would be my prize if I find you…”

“Whatever you want…. “, said Samira.

“Ohhh ! …  ok go go …. I will count till 50.”

“Thak…..thak …..  where’s the latch.. where’s the latch … yes .. done …”

“what are you doing ??? … why shutting the door ??....”, asked Kundan.

He was totally trapped.

“You son of a bitch. You will force me to do anything. Have you forgot your standard.

You are not a charming lover that you would try to impress me by repairing my bicycle and I will fall in love with you…… you are not Ranjha” shouted angry Samira.

“No. No. Don’t do this ……”, Kundan tried to persuade Samira.

“This is Room no. 415 Kundan …… now chat with the ghosts over here the whole night.”

Samira left and while she was midway., she thoughtif any thing happened to Kundan then she might be blamed. But Kundan was also wrong and she did this to escape safely. Therefore she decided that she would not disclose this to anyone.

“God ……  help me …what I am trapped into …….???”, Kundan was speaking to himself and praying that any miracle may happen and he might escape from here.

It was getting darker & darker and the black clouds were looking as if ghosts are coming more & more closer to Kundan.  As the room was not used for its rumours, there was no light but only broken glass windows.

The lightning & thunder sound made it more worst for Kundan. Now it was complete dark. It was 8. Gradually time passed and till now Kundan holded himself tightly between so much lightning & thunder sound but no rain.

It was 12 now. Again lightning occurred and this time he saw someone sitting on the opposite corner near the door with his or her head down.

“mmmm …..  what is happening God….”, murmured Kundan.

Again lightning occurred and now he was clear that it was a girl sitting there with a long black cloth or towel over her.

“Who is there ??? …… Please don’t scare me.”

The girl stood up and started to walk towards Kundan.

“No. No. Don’t come to me. ….. Who are you ..??  Please don’t hurt me …… Please…..”

The girl stepped back and sat on her place.

“Whoever I am ….. but  I am not Heer.”

“If you can escape from here….. escape from the window….” Said the ghost girl.

“haan …. Ahhhh …”

“Would you escape or shall I come to you ??? ……. “ said the ghost girl.

The girl again started to walk towards Kundan.

Kundan was desperate to do anything.

Kundan tried to break the grill of the window and hurthimself with the broken glass.

“Hey !   I am sorry. What have I done ?”

There was blood all around and Kundan collapsed.

The whole night it rained like anything.

The next morning Kundan was found in Room No. 415 by his father who was worried for his son the whole night.

Kundan was in a shock and did not uttered a single word for many days. He described what happened with him that night to a ghost expert which was called by his father.

This was a case which was first of its kind in Rajpur Colony.

Can there really be ghosts who can take revenge ?

It was not more than a month’s time.

Something was going to happen.

“Ok. Son  its already 10 pm. I am going home and would pack-up the go-down.”, said Rukmani ji, owner of a popular sweet shop in Chattarpur market.

“Yes I will close the shop and directly come home.”, said his young son.

Rukmani ji was running this sweet shop successfully in Chattarpur from past nineteen years and kept her go-down at her home in Rajpur Colony.

All the other sweet shopkeepers were pissed- off that Rukmani ji always was flourishing in her business. One such shop-keeper was Agarwal Sweets. He had seen some poor business recently and despite the fact he had his shop adjacent to Rukmani ji.

The variety & quality of Sweets he offered were same as Rukmani ji’s.

Actually many believed and it was a very old rumour that since the inception of her shop when she was not doing well in her business a tall & heavy man who appeared a bit odd came to buy or rather take away one Kilogram of fresh sweets daily at around 12 in the night at her go-down.

Since that day her business started to flourish.

Today also that man comes who was supposed to be Gin, who had twisted feet.

“Arey ! Rukmani Ji …. I am coming to your go-down today at 12pm to meet that Gin and ask him that what part of your body is still young that he favours a 70 year old so much…”, Agarwal shop-keeper shouted as his irritation was very high.

“Ahhh … you better behave yourself or …… “, shouted her young son.

“or what you will do ?….. haan tell me…. You would ask your illegitimate Gin Father to scare me.”

This was too much for Rukmani ji and his son.

They believed in something and were happy about it and never forced anyone to believe it.

It was always believed that one should never see or try to see any negative thing or certain thing which is not so much a routine thing in this universe, for example say Solar Eclipse.

Mr. Agarwal was very much pissed-off and came out of his house in the night and started to walk towards Rukmani ji’s house or go-down. It was in the extreme interiors of Rajpur Colony followed by small pond & dense jungle.

It was fifteen minutes to twelve and the light of the go-down was still glowing. Rukmani Ji was sitting on the front desk.

Mr. Agarwal was hiding on a tree where no body could see him.

He was waiting & waiting and suddenly saw a tall, black & heavy man standing infront of the go-down.

His face was not recognizable. It was a bit blurred.

Till now everything was fine.

Took a packet of sweets and as soon he started walking back , Mr. Agarwal looked at his feet and shouted, “Ahhhhhhhhh !  hhhhhh …..mmmmm….”

The man looked up at the tree as if he knew that Mr. Agarwal was watching him.

Gin continued walking towards the pond.

Mr. Agarwal was sweating and slipped from the tree.

Looked at the go-down. Light was put off. Everything was shut.

He had hurt himself. He waslimping with his left leg.

He now kind of believed that he should’nt have watched this negative thing.

Mr. Agarwal was astonished that how he slipped from the tree as he had locked both his legs on a branch.

As soon as he looked up to the tree and again shouted continuously,” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………….”

There were a dozen of witches hanging on the tree in a white sareeand white hair mixed with black one as Rukmani Ji had and shouted, “I am not Heer.”

Mr. Agarwal got up and started running fastly towards his house as if he had bundles of energy in him.

He was frightened and in between sufferred a cardiac arrest.

This was an awakening call for the administration near Chattarpur area.

Few months passed by and things were going as normal in the colony.

Mr. & Mrs. Srivastava, who were an old couple were going to attend an event in Noida that night.

They had hired a Security Guard for the night to look around their bungalow.

Yash resided in the house immediately on the opposite side of the road and were good neighbours.

So he knew that there is guard in Mr. & Mrs. Srivastava’s house tonight.

It had been extremely hot in the past few days and finally some clouds were seen to burst some relaxation from the heat.

It was 2 in the night and Yash was busy on Facebook as it was raining and the weather got pleasant. So its obvious what Yash was doing on Facebook and went to sleep after sometime.

At four in the morning, the rain had stopped.

It was  very dim at that time. Everything was wet in the surroundings outside.

Electricity was not there since half-an-hour.

“ …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan……..”

This sound really irritated Yash and he got awaked.

“ …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan……..”

Looked here and there and realized that the sound was coming from the street.

Climbed on a stool to look outside from his window and he saw a lady wearing a white Saree which was clear in the dim light with a  huge Steel plate and spoon.

“ …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan……..”

She was now heading towards the gate of Mrs. Srivastava.

“My God ! … The security guard was laying on that wooden sofa in the verandah near the main gate.”, Yash murmured to himself.

Suddenly the adjacent neighbor of Yash, Sonu Bro. unlocked his door and came out.

There was no sound now and no one seen.

Yash told Sonu Bro what he saw.

They discussed a bit and then again went to sleep.

“ …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan …Tan…Tan……..”

It started all again.

Yash went to the first floor and stood through the window of the balcony to get a clear view.

That lady in white went ahead & ahead and disappeared near that wooden sofa but the sound still came.

A sound of a lady shouted many times, “I am not Heer.”

It was now that Yash was really frightened and soon everything was quiet.

Yash was in a thoughtful process and memorizing her image with a white saree.

The Security Guard did not awake, did’nt shouted. So Yash was thinking that he might have had some illusion but Sonu Bro also heard that sound.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ……  mamamaaaaaaaaaaa……….  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh !”

 Yash saw her sitting on the edge of the balcony just besides the window.

He ran through the stairs to the ground floor and on the midway through the stairs there was a broken Cooler kept. Yash saw her in it and shouted again, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh !”

Came to his bed and pushed himself in the blanket. He was extremely frightened as no body was there at home. His parents were out of station.

It was rightly believed that one should be as far as possible from any negativity.

Next Morning his parents came. He narrated the incident to them.

The Security Guard was found collapsed in the backyard when the old couple came back.

Police thought it would have been an attempt of robbery but Yash knew that it was’nt.

Do these supernatural things actually exist in reality.

Well, these series of incidents actually somewhat proved to be.

There were more incidents as well which happened in the same colony and nearby Chattarpur areas.

But don’t you think why only a certain locality.

Can geographical area be a parameter of these ghostly creatures.

Now  I would elaborate on the statement that I made in the beginning.

Please refer the beginning.

Yes a girl of nineteen in Delhi is more afraid of day and specially a quiet afternoon. She is afraid of being in her house backyard & roof top.

She generally sleeps in the day and wakes up all night.

She met an accident one year back.

No it was not a supernatural incident that occurred.

Now I would answer all questions put up be me.

No therecan be no ghosts who can take revenge like in the case of Samira & Kundan.

No there can be no Gin or witches as in the case of Mr. Agarwal & Rukmani Ji.

There can be no witch or a lady in white saree which Yash saw.

It is all one’s mind. It is a perception which one has for a particular aspect. If a person is worried about something may be his job, a close one’s death or an important exam the next day, these things would not crop in his mind.

You would have definitely noticed that in every incident the witches used to shout,”I am not Heer.”

The reason was that a beautiful girl who was in her intermediate was brutally raped by three people which included a boy who liked this girl a lot and became so obsessive about her that raped her in her home in Delhi.

It was the State Elections that day. The Colony near Chattarpur area is a Porsche colony. It has big bungalows.

The girl was seventeen then so only her parents went to vote.

She was walking in her backyard browsing her book.

She did not felt comfortable that day.

Suddenly she saw three boys climbing the wall of her backyard.

She recognized them and shouted why they came to her house.

Shaleen, the lover boy asked the girl, “What you said that day that I am not a Ranjha and you are not Heer that would fell in Love.”

“Yes. I stick to it. I am not as forgiving and relentless like Heer. Now you just get out.”, she replied in a commanding tone.

Restwhat happened was definitely a ghostly accident that she met.

These boys took her to the room in the roof top and raped her brutally and then threw her from the roof in the backyard.

When the girl was able to utter something after three months her best friend who resided in Rajpur Colony itself took the step of forming a group.

This group was later joined by some really potential people who could have made an impact.

The incident of Samira was initiated intelligently by her but was climaxed by this group. Samira knew these people and had the guts to fight back.

The incident of  Rukmani Ji was itself so hyped in the market that this group came to know.

Yes it was a rumour that there was a Gin who came every night. But another truth was that Rujmani Ji also encashed this USP for her brand image and Sales.

The Gin was all planned and the witches were all the girls in the group. Rukmani Ji participated in it as Mr. Agarwal had crossed the limit. So in her case Heer was not forgiving and Rujmani Ji also was’nt.

The incident which occurred with Yash was unfortunate.

The group had planned to teach a lesson to that Security guard who was 27 years old and had been harassing a teenager from sometime.

As I previously told that it is all in your mind. If you think that way you would end believing those things.

Yash was deeply thinking about the incident which had occurred half – an hour ago and associated it with reality.

This group has now stopped performing these supernatural acts but it was clearly an indication from the opposite sex that no one dare to do anything odd with them.

This was an attempt to showcase that girls are also the part of the society and if you do not respect them they can make one’s life miserable as well.

Rating - 70/100


*) - Tape 88

(Karan Virk)

“What did you gift her on your marriage anniversary?” said the man whose shaky hand was constantly looking at his wrist watch.

“I got her a sweater with blue and white stripes. I even took the effort to engrave my message on the sweater saying, ‘Be my bad girl, you curvy booty queen.’ It’s whatever you know.”

The man’s face was leaking sweat as if a hot coal was being rubbed on his face. Wiping his face with a handkerchief, he said, “Did she like it? Does she wear it around?” His eyes were still glued onto the wrist watch.

“Oh. She hated it. The bi**h gave it to our dog. He runs around in it and when I take him to the park, the little bastard shows it off with pride while his homo dog friends sniff his ass.”

“It’s….t..t…t…ti..time!” It seemed that the man was about to burst up like a pressure cooker, his beating heart wanted to break through the fabrics of an Armani suit that he was wearing. With his eyes closed, he took out his wallet and opened it to take a look at his happy little family portrait. Then with the other hand, he quickly took out 2 capsules from his coat pocket, placing 1 on his friend’s palm.

Engaging #47012 and #65020………

“Screw you!”

5:15 – Climb the hill.

6:30 – Swallow Capsules.

6:40 – After effect, protect metals.

6:45 – Wait for signal.

7:00 – Wear the masks.

Director00 and his wife were on their way to their next film location where the shoot of their planned horror film was going to take place. Director’s eyes were fixed on the road while his wife, Kaya massaged his head, constantly pulling out the white strands of hair.

Kaya – “You need to dye your hair or get a new haircut. The ratio of white to black is higher on your head. The black strands look like voyagers stuck on the white surface of Antarctica.”

Director00 – “I’m thinking about getting a Mohawk. How cool would that look?”

The couple’s conversation was halted by a police check post. An Inspector approached the car signalling the Director to lower his window.

“Good Evening Sir and Ma’am. If you are heading towards Lohapatti, you will have to pick a hotel for the night because all the roads towards Lohapatti have been blocked. May I give you directions towards the nearest hotel?”

Director00 – “Actually, we’re going to the Lajpat State Hospital, the abandoned asylum.”

Following the Inspector’s instructions to the asylum, the car was back on the road. Two hours of journey was enough to tire out the car. As soon as the couple reached the asylum, the car’s fuel tank had drained. Unaware of the car’s condition the couple made their way into the asylum. Lajpat State Hospital was built in 1992 to hold the rejected mental patients who were beyond treatment.

Director00 – “This is it. The beginning of the apocalypse, the cemetery, my messed up torture room, my sex house full of penetrating knives and beheaded corpses. I’m going to dedicate my film to Satan. I’m the messenger of Lord Satan….F**k it…..I am Satan. I am the monster with 21 freaking faces and you, Kaya will see my three of my visions…RIGHT NOW!”

Maybe it was the air in the atmosphere or the eagerness to start shooting his film but something sinister had just transformed the Director into something… Something unexplainable. His behaviour was crossing the lines of erratic and transforming him into a sane lunatic. Kaya couldn’t recognize her husband and was becoming frightened due to the Director’s antics. One moment he would be a psycho and in a second he would switch back into his normal, calm self.

Director00 – “Kaya. What’s wrong? You act like you have just seen a ghost. Maybe it’s the journey. You look tired. Not to worry, we are here in our film room.”

There was a T.V. in the film room showing a view of the asylum. The asylum had cameras attached on the walls, constantly updating the T.V. screen with live images from an operation room. There were three people in each of the rooms, trapped.

Kaya – “What the hell? Who is that guy? When did you set all of this up? Is he an actor? Honey, I thought we just came here to analyze the location of our upcoming film. I know it’s a horror film, but you can cut being scary with your wife.”

Director00 – “Sit down. He is just an actor. I thought this was a pretty good surprise. And my psycho speech as I entered this asylum, man that was gold. I thought we could make this film as realistic as possible. So, as you can see this place is wired with cameras recording us and those actors. The actor is trapped in his room with no way out. Now it’s time for the short segments before we move onto the actors’ fate. I’m going to start with our first segment. Oh and hisname. The operationroom guy is….Well that will be revealed after. In case you are wondering about the drawing room in an asylum. You can see I worked quite hard to renovate this place.”

Segment 1 – Expiry Date

Apne office mein baithe Dr. Ankush Malhotra ka ye hiss din ka aakhiri interview tha. Subah se unhe naa jaane kitne news channels se phone aa chuke the. Pratapgarh ke shehar mein Ankush ne kaafi jaldi hi popularity haasil kar Ii thi jiska reason tha unke dwara kiye gaye operations. Around 100+ operations kar chuke Dr. Ankush ke patients mein se koi bhi zinda nahi bacha. Operation kekuch hi din baad unke patient ki death ho jaati aur aisa kai baar hone par, jab 1 – 2 patients ki autopsy kigayi to ussmeinunkekai vital organs laaptanikle. Media ne Ankushko Dr. Dracula ka title de diya tha. Aur aaj wo apne khilaaf darj cases se saaf nikalgaye the, kyunki court ne bhi unhe azaad kardiya tha aur yeh isiliye huya tha kyunki Ankush ne apni surgeries ka ilzaam hospital ki head nurse Julie par daal kar use faansi ka rasta dikhadiyatha. Ab, Ankush apne black market – organ racket waale paison se foreign ka tour lagane jaa rahe hain. Yeh unka aakhiri interview hai.

“Sir, aapko court ne bhi guilty nahi maana. Par aap apne patients ki families ko kuch kehna chahenge?”

Ankush – “Mujhe unke loss ka bahut gehra afsos hai and I pray to God to not punish the patients’ souls for Julie’s crimes. Now, excuse me. I’m getting late for my flight.”

Plane ke take off karte hi Ankush ko neend aa gayi. Takreeban do ghante baad jab Ankush ki aankh khuli, plane crash ho raha tha. Ankush ka head uske saamne waali seat par laga aur wo behoshi ke aagosh mein doob gaya.Dekhte hi dekhte Plane ke bigdte santulan ne dono wings ko hi ukhaad phenka aur plane jungle ke beecho – beech pahunch ke shaant ho gaya. Ankush ko hosh aaya, plane mein wohakela tha. Aas – Paaske passengers, flight crew, sabka koi nishaan nahi. Iss se Ankushki tension aurbadhgayiaur who apni seat se nikalkar exit door kitarafdaudgaya. Economy class ki seats kopaarkartehuyeAnkush, First Class mein pahuncha jahan uski nazar wheelchair par baithe ek paralyzed bujurg aadmi par gayi. Ankushko plane se nikalnekijaldithi par baharki situation napata hone kadarrzyadatha.

Paanch din Ankush plane ki confinement mein, saath layegayi food supply se guzara kartara hajokiabkhatam ho chuki thi. Wheelchair par baith evradhko ghoorte Ankush ka dhyaan toota jab achanak plane door khulgaya. Ankush mein najaanekahan se itni furtiaayikiapnibedum ho chukitaangonkolekarusnebahar jump kardiya. Plane lower angle par hone kekaaran plane se ground takka distance kaafikum ho gayatha. Makkhiyon ki bhinn - bhinn ne Ankush ka dhyaan jhaadiyon kiaur kheencha jahanekhirankashatigrastshavpadatha. Bekabu ho chuki bhookh se peedit Ankush jhat se us par kuda aur hiran ka pet phaad kar uska liver bahar nikal liya. Eknivalekebaad hi Ankush ne ultikar di.

Plane mein abhi bhi mautsasannata Chaya huya tha. 

Ankush ki neendkhuli. Paseene se bheeg chuke Ankush ke dimaag ne usse chain dilaya ki woh ek sapna tha. Bhookh abhi bhi barkararthi. Ankush ka dhyaan wheelchair par baithe vradh ki tarafgaya. Dil ko mazboot kar usne knife uthaya aur vradh kichaati ko cheer diya. Bade dhyaan se liver ko bah
arnikalliya. Iss se pehle ki kuch aur hota, ek haath ne Ankush ke kandhe ko jakadliya. Ankush ne peeche mudkedekha to uska shareer jad ho gaya. Peechekhoon se lathpathuske patients khade the. 

“Doctor. Dekhona mere pet mein bada dard ho raha hai.”

Ek Patient ke itnakehte hi ek aur atneapni jeebh ukhad Ankushkiaurphenk di. Wahan par khade ek bacche ne apna haath se apne maans kofaad karapniek kidney alagkar li.Baaki patients ne bhiapnaek – ek organ alagkarliya.

“Yeh sab expire ho chukehain. Ab baari tumhari hai.”

Ankush kuch bolpaata, uss se pehle hi woh vradhbolpada.

“Beta, yeh chaaku to mere dil se nikal lo. Kaafi takleef de rahahai.”

“Sir, uthiye Plane land karne waala hai!”

Air Hostess kiawaz ne Ankush ko uthaya. Uski shirt paseene se bheeg chukithi. Sab passenger apni – apni seats par barkrar the.

“Yeh lijiye juice.”

Ankush ne jaise hi juice ki ekghunt pi, uskiaankhein Air Hostess kechehrekodekhjad ho gayin, 
nasein kheenchne lagin, aur munh se ek dheemi awaz nikli.

Ankush – “Julie…Tum…”

Ankush ne gala pakadliya, shayad kuch phans gayatha. Julie ka haath uske gale mein ched karta huya pravesh kargaya. Ankushke gale se khoon kasailab aagaya. Julie ne haathbaharnikalaaurAnkushkehaathmeinekkenchithama di.

Julie – Iss Flight ke passengers ka operation nahikaroge. Wohkyahaina, inn sab kechehre expire ho gayehain.

Martehuyeaankhonkiputliyan plane ki cockpit kitarafdekhrahi thin. Sab passengers kechehregayab the aur sab taalibajarahe the. Plane, crash ho rahatha.

Contact with #19927 established.

Director00 – “How was that? Save your reviews for later baby. Now let the killings begin…..”

Kaya – “How is he going to die?”

The door opened and a grotesque looking man entered. His face was covered with scarsand he was wearing a jacket. The victim sat on the floor, hands tied with a tea cosy covering his face. The man who can be labelled as a demon removed the tea cosy. Watching the screen, fear grasped Kaya’s face. Her fingers clenched onto the edge of the chair.

Director00 – “What’s wrong?”

The blade swiftly cut through the fabrics of the rope, untying the victim. He looked at his executioner. The demon smiled and dropped his jacket. The demons body was protruded at several places with guns, knives, swords, daggers, and body parts. 

Director00 – “For the sake of this film we will name our victim Mish and his rival as Nizi the Demon.”

Mish – “Oh my God. I was not told about this…..”

Mish started screaming at the camera.

Mish – “…….PLEASE LET ME OUT….”

Nizi–“Silence in the operation room. Nizi the doctor will see you now.”

Nizi’s naked body stood against Mish.

Nizi – “Pick your weapon boy.”

Confused Mish looked at Nizi’s arms where knives were stuck making an outline. His chest had a shotgun protruding towards the anterior side. Mish quickly pulled out a small sword from Nizi’s skull and with a quick strike chopped Nizi’s head off.

Before Mish could do anything else, Nizi’s torso started getting up, his hands picked up his head and ripped apart a screwdriver from his right thigh and screwed it back. Nizi then took the shotgun out of his chest and shot Mish in his chest blowing a hole out of his back. Mish got back up, the shotgun had missed all of his vital organs. He stood there with a gaping see through hole in his chest staring at Nizi.

Nizi – “You lucky bastard!”

Another shotgun shell cleanly took away Mish’s jaw covering the already bloody floor with bones, and parts of ligaments. Nizi couldn’t believe it, Mish still got back up.

Nizi – “I have had it with this video game respawn shit.”

The next shotgun strike opened up Mish’s skull spilling his brain on the floor. Mish’s body was down on the floor, his eyes staring at his brain.

Nizi – “FATALITY!”

Nizi was staring at the camera, Director00 was staring at Kaya staring at Mish’s dead body. She ran outside, got into the car and put the keys in. The fuel tank was empty. Director00 walked towards the car, his hands were holding some sort of rope.

Kaya – “What…What are you doing?”

Director00 – “I’m planning to kill you. A snuff can’t be a snuff if my heroine doesn’t die. And today’s your big break baby.”

He broke the car’s window and dragged her back inside.

Director00 – “This is a noose made out of your F***er’s intestines. I just went inside and disemboweled Mish.”

The intestinal noose was placed around Kaya’s neck with the other end going over a steel truss into Director00’s hands.

Director00 – “F**k me by f***ing him. Have an affair…You stupid ugly bitch, I’m going to hang you with your lover’s intestines then play around with your blood. I’m going to cut your dead body into pieces. I will make a wig out of your hair and wear it. Your skin is going to be my sofa cover. Oh I almost forgot. There can’t be a movie without a nifty soundtrack. For this last death scene Mr. Justin Bieber’s, “As Long As You Love Me” will be the last sound your ears will ever hear.

As Long As You Love Me started playing through the speakers installed by the Director. His grip tightened and Kaya’s body was lifted off the ground.

“We both know it's a cruel world
But I will take my chances”

Director00 –“Stupid bitch. Die you ugly whore.”

“We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke.”

Director00 – “Break me down huh…I’m tearing you apart right now. How does that feel?”

“I'll be your platinum, I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold.”

Kaya had stopped struggling, her body was swinging in the air. The Director fixed his hair, looked at Kaya and started taunting her.

Director00 – “How’s it hanging Kaya? Enjoying the top view?”

The Director was about to let go off the intestine, but suddenly a knife pierced his left eye. He looked back and his right eye saw the final scene: Nizi’s hands ripping his body into shreds.

Lost contact with #19927. #89921 has also been terminated.

The watchers turned their recording devices off. The room was full of bodies contained within liquid filled chambers. Some of them were testing some brains. A creature carrying two chambers appeared.

nlpy - “Which specimens are these?”

qwmt - “#47012 and #65020. The ones who became aware of our existence. The meat who just killed his partner was enjoyable. We had to exert minimum control over him. The rest of anger was fueled by his partner’s relationship with the black meat. We will reprogram his brain and remove his memories. We will send him back. This time under our full control.”

nlpy -“Stupid pieces of meat. How long till we can control all of them?”

TAPE 88 BI**ES! 

Rating - 70/100

Judge's Comment (Mayank ji Saved the stories few days ago but he is having some internet trouble since Friday so he Called me to give his comments and ratings on stories) - "Rishi ki story Heer waali padh k maza aa gaya. Last mey message positive tha. Mai to kehta hun aese groups hone chahiye kanoon se nahi to bhooton se sahi darr to lage gunde badmasho ko. Karan ki story bhi badhiya thi but complicated thi upar se usne proof reading par dhyaan nahi diya words mile hue hai ab pehle se complex kahani padhne wale ka mann uchat jata hai aese mey. Ideas aur description high level k hai par explain tareeke se karna chahiye, nahi to jab padhne wala 10-12 line padh k chhod dega tab iske ideas pata kahan chalenge usko. Rishi's style and exposition is reader friendly.

Result - Match Tied

 Members Poll (in voting Window time) - Karan Virk (9 Votes) - Rishi Srivastava (5 Votes)

 Mr. Karan Virk wins the match via Tie Breaker and advances to quarter finals. Mr. Rishi Srivastava is eliminated from the Championship.

Judge - Mr. Mayank Sharma (Author)

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