Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Round 1 (Match # 5) - Kartikeya Kashyap vs. Shaurya Verma

 *) - Arunachala

 (# 5 - Kartikeya Kashyap)


Oh Arunachala
Hill of Wisdom
Abode of Lord Shiva
Whose Nature is Absolute Stillness

Draw me to You
Like a magnet attracts iron
Lest my mind shall find no rest
And my constant anguish no dissolution

Tears of longing
Will fall from my weary eyes
Until You embrace me
And make me One with You
Oh Arunachala

Lost in worldly illusion
My restless mind
Holds me in its hungry claws
Preventing me from surrendering
My life to Your Holy Feet

How shall this lonely child of Yours find Peace
If not through Your Grace
Oh Arunachala ?

I am weary
Of the vicious circle of pleasure and pain
That keeps me imprisoned
In Samsara’s sandcastle
My soul seeks to soar in Freedom

Grant me only one glance of Your Beauty
For only Your Vision will liberate me
From this dark abyss of suffering
So come quickly
And rescue Your child
From the cruel snare of Maya
Oh Arunachala

Who roots out the ego of those
Who meditate on Your Form
And who realize
Their identity with You
In their heart
Won’t You show any pity
For this helpless child
Oh Arunachala ?

Come and remove
Those soiled garments of ignorance
From me
So I may stand in naked innocence
Before Your Throne
Waiting to be wrapped
In the Holy Robe
Of Your Love
Oh Arunachala

Render me
As subtle as ether
So I may merge with You
In utter rapture and Bliss

Let my only repose
Be Lord Shiva’s Abode
Which is Your Own Heart

Let me find
Lasting Peace
In Your Holy Embrace

Capture me in Stillness
Wrap me in Silence
Let me melt as Love
In Thee
Like a river
Merging with the Ocean
Oh Arunachala

Hill of Patience
Have Mercy with me
I have nothing to offer you
But this humble garland of words

But aren’t these words
Your Very Own Words
Offered to Yourself
By Yourself ?

For You Are
The Mind of my mind
The Heart of my heart
My very own Self
Oh Arunachala 

 Arunachala is a hill located in Tiruvanamalai (South of India) and considered to be Lord Shiva’s abode … To walk around the sacred hill in an attitude of worship is called “giripradakshina” and said to remove sins, fulfil desires and free the devotee from future births …

The above hymn is inspired by the teachings of the Indian sage Sri Ramana Maharshi, whose ashram is located at the feet of Arunachala 

Rating - 70/100

Judge's Comment - 
I applaud your efforst Marion. This piece was awesome by itself. Actually, the hills what you have written about has an interesting tale to it. Maybe we could talk about it sometime.. and get a poem out. A wonderful poem.. a glorious tribute.

*) -  दोस्ती

(# Shaurya Verma)

आपसे दोस्ती हम यूं ही नही कर बैठे,
क्या करे हमारी पसंद ही कुछ "ख़ास" है. .
चिरागों से अगर अँधेरा दूर होता,
तोह चाँद की चाहत किसे होती.
कट सकती अगर अकेले जिन्दगी,
तो दोस्ती नाम की चीज़ ही न होती.
कभी किसी से जीकर ऐ जुदाई मत करना,
इस दोस्त से कभी रुसवाई मत करना,
जब दिल उब जाए हमसे तोह बता देना,
न बताकर बेवफाई मत करना.
दोस्ती सची हो तो वक्त रुक जता है
अस्मा लाख ऊँचा हो मगर झुक जता है
दोस्ती मे दुनिया लाख बने रुकावट,
अगर दोस्त सचा हो तो खुदा भी झुक जता है.
दोस्ती वो एहसास है जो मिटती नही.
दोस्ती पर्वत है वोह, जोह झुकता नही,
इसकी कीमत क्या है पूछो हमसे,
यह वो "अनमोल" मोटी है जो बिकता नही . . .
सची है दोस्ती आजमा के देखो..
करके यकीं मुझपर मेरे पास आके देखो,
बदलता नही कभी सोना अपना रंग ,
चाहे जितनी बार आग मे जला के देखो ...

 Rating - 25/100

Judge's Comment - Rhyming is good but nothing new.

Judge - Kshitish Padhy (Author)

Result - Kartikeya Kashyap wins the match and Shaurya Verma goes to parallel league.

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