Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Round 1 (Match # 24) - Priyashrav Bharadwaj vs. Avijit Misra

I am about to describe, through this article, a phenomenon that we see slowly creeping its way into our lives even as we speak (or should I say write). It may not seem like much, but it’s potentially threatening all the same. The topic I have chosen to write about is………………

*) - ……..HERO WORSHIP!

(# 24 – Priyasharv Bharadwaj aka Supi)

I bet, you were probably expecting a more obvious or a more complicated problem, right? I mean, the phrase ‘Hero Worship’ does not even sound like something to give much thought to, much less something to be wary of. But, I feel sometimes we need to give heed to the less obvious and seemingly innocuous details. (Plus, this was the only topic I felt l could write more than 10 lines on.)

So, I talk of the ever increasing degree of Hero Worship that we see as a consequence of the ridiculous number of Celebrities & Idols thrown our way, another fine mess made possible thanks to the ever lovable Mass Media! (What would we do without it?)

And the thing is, we can arrive at this conclusion without the need to conduct a Nation-wide survey to analyze the patterns of a typical Indian’s mind. Just a fleeting glance at some random, insignificant details at various facets of life will suffice.

We come across so many fans of various Celebrities (a vague term with a disturbingly wide range) devoting their time in discussing trivial details about their Idols, even as they remain ignorant to the crucial details of their own life . It’s a rather harmless activity, merely for the showcasing of affection and admiration towards an individual. But the catch is, it doesn’t take much for a ‘Fan’ to transmogrify into a ‘Fanatic’.

Oh, for all the times I have been a witness to people rambling, imprecating and even degenerating to name-calling and what for? To show their indefatigable devotion to their Idols. Not to mention, the numerous instances we see of people worshipping (in a rather literal sense) their Idols and building Temples dedicated to them. Is this harmless in an innocuous way? Yes! But is this an utter waste of time and effort not befitting our acumen? A Double Yes!

And it’s not it is a one-way street, either. It’s not that the practice of Hero Worship is in any way beneficial to the concerned ‘Hero’ too, it seems. I have seen people put an insurmountable amount of faith in their Idols, only to see it get shattered with a snap. That is especially the case with politicians. People view their favorite politician as a Savior of some sort, capable of eradicating all their woes and afflictions with a sleight of the hand. It goes without saying that such dreams are likely to be shattered sooner or later. No one person can magically transform the Nation, for better or worse. In fact, if there’s anyone who can make the difference, it’s we ourselves.

And I am yet to scratch the surface regarding the most disturbing aspect of this seemingly trivial issue of Hero Worship. I speak of the hideous fact that many deranged ‘Fanatics’ have been known to commit suicide to show their devotion to their Idols, especially with the death of such Idols. (I remember a case from 2-3 years back when people committed suicide recently when a Politician from South India died. I don’t remember his name, though.) We can overlook the worshipping and such, but taking your own life because some person you admired died is outrageously baffling. Are the families of such fans so insignificant to them that they don’t even deserve a moment’s thought as to what would happen if that person commits suicide, simply because of the death of their ‘Hero’, their ‘Idol’?

To a lesser degree, in case of Film stars we also see some of their delusional fan(atics ) cut themselves or send letters written in their own blood to them. Is it really worth physically tormenting yourselves just to get some Celebrity’s attention? Because I’d like to believe that life has a more intricate, more meaningful purpose than this. And in some rare cases, excessive adulation for such celebrities has even been known to increase activities such as stalking.

Now,I could yet go on and on regarding the detrimental consequences of an act as innoxious as Hero Worshipping, but the deadline (and my own laziness) forbids me from going any further. So this feels like a time as good as any to put an end to this piece.

Rating – 65.5/100

Judge's Comment – "That was extraordinary and out of the box! You definitely have a talent in observing life and its concealed facets. Told beautifully! After reading the title I thought it was one of those IAMATHEIST rants.  haven't read you and Avi before, and now because of these competition I am helping to  judge I read these 2 cool pieces in a row.  I want to read more articles like this."

*) - Then And Now

(#41 Avijit Misra aka Avi Rapstar)

My name is Vijay. Right now, I am doing the most difficult task in this world. That is to feed my 8-year-old son Jayesh so that he can finish his breakfast and go to school. My wife has gone to office.

“Arey beta! Kha le na! Taste toh kareke dekho!” I am telling him. “Mujhe yeh achha nahin lagta hai!” Jayesh said in an agitating tone.  This sentence made me recall my childhood memory.

I was 7-years old. My mother had given me lunch comprising of chapatti, dal (pulses) and cooked brinjal. I was saying, “Mujhe yeh achha nahin lagta hai!” 

My mother took it and pushed it in my mouth saying, “Khao isko! Sab achha lagta hai!” I was angry. 

During my teen years, I used to recall that incident and laugh a lot. Today, I know that my mother forced me to eat brinjal because it was good for health. But my little son does not understand that. Not his fault because even I did not understand that when I was of this age. What I do understand right now is that if my son goes to school without breakfast, he would faint during Morning Prayer and fall. Then teachers will call me and scold me for not giving proper breakfast to my son. How can I make him understand?


My son has somehow, finished his breakfast and he is ready to leave for school. But he is crying. He says, “I will not go to school! I will go to office where you go!” I am telling him, “Good boys go to school!”

“I am not a good boy!” He tells me. Now what can I say! Hey! I have a great idea! I tell him, “If you don‘t go to school, then in office, you will have a peon‘s job!”

Now Jayesh asks me, “Who is peon?”

I tell him, “Peon is the man who rings bell in the school!”

Jayesh says, “He is the only good man in the school! Had he been not there, neither madam will allow  us to eat tiffin, nor she will allow us to go home! He rings bell to give us freedom!”

Again I am speechless. As a child, I also used to cry when I was being sent to school. My mother used to tell me, “He-Man also used to go to school!” I wanted to be like He-Man. Since that day, I never cried when I went to school.

Now I tell him, “Chhota Bheem also goes to school!” Jayesh said, “I never saw him going school!”
I tell him, “He goes to school when he is not on TV!”

Now, Jayesh realizes that why he does not see him on TV every time. He is ready to go to school.
In order to convince Jayesh do things that are good for him, I need to give him reasons that my mother gave me. Today, he is too young to understand. But years later, when he understands and recalls all this, both of us will laugh on these memories together. Now kindly excuse me! I have drop Jayesh to school and then I will drive towards my office.
Rating – 65/100

Judge's Comment – The simplest and real things make the most amazing stories. When I was a kid my uncle had this little scrap book and it was filled with simple questions. She'd ask me the questions and record my responses. I found that book not too long ago, one of the questions was What do you want to be when you grow up? and I replied chowkidaar. As we grow up we know things and we appreciate how patient our parents, elder siblings were back then. Simple sweet tale to which everyone can relate to. 
Tough decision, I gave both the entries 65/100 after reading but found Priyasharv’s entry faintly better. Thanks you! Avi, Priyasharv for writing such amazing pieces and thank you Mohit for giving me chance to judge these talented guys. All the best guys.” 

Judge - Mr. Mayank Sharma (Wrote for multiple Publications, active since 2002)

Result - Priyashrav Bharadwaj is the winner of the Match 24 of first Round by 0.5 Point and manages to reach final 32. Avijit Misra (Avi Rapstar) goes to Parallel League where he will get one more chance to get into Top 16.


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