Sunday, June 16, 2013

Round 1 (Match # 23) - Inder Jeet Bhanoo vs. Ashok Kumar

 *) - Folk Crafts of Himachal Pradesh

(#23 - Inder Jeet Bhanoo)

The Pahadi handkerchiefs enjoys a special place among the handicrafts of the area. These handkerchiefs are produced in the Chamba, Kangra, Mandi, Bilaspur and and Kulu areas. Originally the art came to Chamba from Basohli and the king Samarchand of kangra helped it grow and spread all over the region.The Handkerchief has come to be known as the Chamba handkerchief and it is said that this art was patronised by King  Rajsingh and his queen Sharda of Chamba. These handkerchiefs  are made of square or oblong pieces of cloth and are embroidered all over with silken threads. The embroidery depicts scenes from the life of the Lord Krishna and the Puranas.

Dyeing and printing of fabrics has been a traditional craft in the area. This work is done traditionally by the Farahada and the Chhiba people. The long knee length gown worn by he Gaddi women known as Juan chadiyan and their Chola (a white woolen garment ) are good examples of this art. Fine gold ornaments are also crafted by the local gold-smiths. The jewellery by the woman of Kulu, Sirmaur, Kinnaur, Pangwati and Bharmor region is very attractive. The Dom tribe in the area is well-known for producing fine house hold articles made of bamboo which are painted  in brilliant colours. They produce boxes, sofas, chairs, baskets, racks and several articles of daily use. Leather craft is highly developed and the slippers and shoes made in Chamba are in great demand. Presenting the bride and the groom with gold embroidered slippers at the time of a wedding signifies good taste. But now people are using shoes, mass produced in factories and so this art is slowly dying out. The custom of embellishing the body with tattoo patterns is common in the Himachal. 

Rating - 20/100

*) - Waqt ko Jaate Dekha hai....

 (#42 - Ashok Kumar)

PM bolta nahi.bina boly he itna raaj ker gia.ghotlay hr sarkar ky raaj may hoty rhy.aaj media jiyada jaag chuka hain.chanels ko paisa aata hain.aaj iski yeh news paisa dayti hain.aur news kya sy kya ban jaati hain.modi aayega to fir dekhna log yehi khygy kya socha tha kya ho gia. 

villeage may jao.jidher na to fb ho na net ho jidher bajurg milygy unky paas apni team layky jao.unsy baatein jaankaari woh day skty hain woh koi bhe nahi. aapko pta hain jab tv py interview bhe dikhaty hain to pehle yeh bta diya jaata hain ky kon kon sy swaal pooshy jaayegya ager kush pooosha to bwaal ho skta hain. samjhty sabhi hain lekin sabhi order ke wait krty hain.apny uper apna oder jo chla nahi skty.isiliye hum log gulamin pasand log hain.

azaad hoker bhe azaad rehny ka darr hain. mujhe peris ..france sy ek news aper ny offer ke the news reporter ke.lekin maine nahi ke kisi ke baato ky saath mat dil may aur mind may woh kro.chaahy aap akele hongy apny safer may lekin respect sy chlygy. kal ko yeh kehny ke jarurat nahi hogi kaash main usky peeshy na chla hota to yeh din na dekhna paddta mujhe. life may woh kro jo aapka dil khy jo log khy woh nahi apny desh jaisi rees nahi.

koi bhe sarkar aa jaaye.aajky leader jaanty hain new genration berojgaar hain.inko apny saath lo. kush baloons aaisy hoty hain jo jitni jaldi foolty hain utni he jaldi fat jaaty hain. jo slogan lgaaty hain ...main yeh main woh...unky beech reh ker bhe dekha... leader matlabi hain to hum kyu nahi ban skty.

mere ghar ky paas yeh sabkush hua 1984 ka operation bluestar aur aaj bhe mujhe woh pal yaad hain. golden temple mere ghar sy 4 km hain aur woh din mujhe ab tk yaad hain. us waqt main 7 saal ka tha. mere study shoot gai.daily strike.aur ghar ke shat py saary gali waaly ikathy soty thy aur saari raat diwaali dekhty thy.aur jawan pehra dayty thy haatho may talwaary layker.

facebooginti may young log hain aur young log he modi ka gungaan kerty fir rhy hain, advani ek asha leader hain.jaise he woh nikla to duniya ghoom gai...fir woh wapis aaiya to fir kya hua. yeh lok tatnter hain....circus may janwer jis tarah ishaary sy tamasha dikhaty hain yeh tamasha kabhi nahi rukny wala. hindustan ek cercus ke stage he hain....aur ring master hain PM aur tamasha dekhny waaly shoty baddy neta. Medan me utar kar sach pata chalta hai bahar se hazar tarah ki bat niklti hain.

Rating - 23/100

Judge - I am unable to rate the entries because of the length and structure of both articles. Inder's style is better but content wise Ashok is winner for me.   

Result - Ashok Kumar is the winner of the match by 3 Points, he moves to final 32 round and Inder Jeet Bhanoo moves to parallel league.

Judge - Kshitish Padhy (Author)

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