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Round 3 - Team # 02 (Amit & Avijit) #ftc1516


In Treta Yug, Kalush, a vampire in the army of Ravan had a dream of establishing vampire kingdom in Lanka. After Lord Ram killed Ravan, he gave up hope.
His siblings Alwar and Ragini took him to the house of Yavakri, a man who was taking care of their injured brother Kalp.
Kalush saved the life of Yavakri. Lord Shiva showed Kalush, the future where he would have his vampire kingdom.

Now the story continues:

Treta Yug – 7292 BC:

In the cottage, Ragini was helping Sushila, Yavakri‘s wife with cooking. Kalush returned after chopping some woods for a yagna that Yavakri wanted to perform.
A pigeon perched in front of Alwar. Alwar took the note tied on the foot of Pigeon. He told Kalush after reading it, “Some Anti-Aryan scholars accused Ram of Brahma-hatya because Ravan was the son of Maharishi Visharva! Ram has bathed in a river to cleanse himself, of the sin of Brahma-hatya! People of village close to that river have named the village as Rameswaram!”
Kalush was impressed.
Yavakri started his yagna. Alwar and Kalush guarded the yagna.
During yagna in progress, some demons attacked Yavakri. Kalush and Alwar fought bravely. Within minutes all demons were dead.
Seeing this, Ragini suggested, “Kalp has recovered! We should leave this place! Demons, taantriks (sorcerers and witches) and wolves can turn their attention to this area as long as we are here!”
Brothers agreed. After thanking Yavakri and bidding adieu to him, four vampire siblings left.
Alwar asked Kalush, “Are you going to win all the battles in future as per Lord Shiva?”
Kalush replied, “Pretty much! Because my kingdom will exist in Kaliyug also! And I will have worthy opponents in Kaliyug also!”

Kaliyug – 1442 AD:
In Transylvania, there was a practice hall for sword fight where Count Vladivostok or Vlad as his close associates called him was fighting alone with three swordsmen. Vlad defeated them.
His Chief Minister Vasile Ceausescu arrived and said, “Your Majesty! Domnisoara Zhestakova is arriving in five minutes!”

Vlad left the room with minister. The defeated swordsmen looked on while he left. Spanish swordsman asked the Transylvanian swordsman, “He is a dangerous fighter! Howcome?” Transylvanian swordsman replied, “That is why his enemies call him Dracula which has been derived from the word “Dracul” that means devil! He was born in Vladivostok and hence, he got this name! Born in 1422, Vlad became our king at the age of 20 after his father; our previous king was killed by some werewolves!”

Outside the royal castle, Vlad and Ceausescu saw the arrival of a horse carriage. The door opened and Ukrainian aristocrat Alyona Zhestakova came out, followed by her maid Galina.
Count Vladivostok kissed the hand of Alyona saying, “Welcome Domnisoara Zhestakova!”
Alyona replied, “Call me Alyona! It is honor to meet you, Your Majesty!”

Mesmerized by her beautiful eyes and face, Vlad said, “Call me Vlad!”
Vlad and Alyona had breakfast together and then on two horses, they left to see the scenic forest. Alyona was thankful to Vlad hosting her. Vlad asked her, “Why did you wish to leave Ukraine?”
Alyona replied, “Last year, Haci I Giray founded Crimean Khanate! Tarjan tribes against Haci created problems in Kiev! My father was a doctor who once treated Haci! After my parents were killed, Haci sent me here!” Vlad said, “I should be thankful to Haci! We have something in common! My mother was a Ukrainian!”

The two spent the whole day together and bonded well. While they were returning in the evening, Vlad heard some sound from the bushes. He realized that wolf-men were around. He shouted to Alyona reach castle.

Alyona did not want to go but she was bound to obey the orders of Count in his kingdom. She sped off. Vlad fought the wolf-men attacking him. Alyona was weeping, feeling guilty. By the time she reached palace, she broke down. Galina consoled her.

Minister Ceausescu said, “Be calm Domnisoara Zhestakova! Count Vostok is invincible!” Alyona started wiping her tears when she saw Vlad arriving on the horse. She wanted to run and hug him but in front of everyone, she controlled herself.

At night there was a party in the honor of Alyona. Dancing with Vlad, Alyona said, “Today, I felt that as long as I am with you, nothing can harm me!” Vlad replied, “You are my guest! Your safety is my responsibility!”

After the party, when Alyona was sleeping in her room at night, she heard a strange sound. She opened her eyes and saw a skull flying in the air. Blood from skull was dropping on her bed sheet. She cried, “Vlaaaad!” Soldiers came running with flambeaus in their hands. Vlad woke up in his room. Wearing a robe, he came running. Skull had disappeared and except Alyona, nobody had seen it. There was no blood on bed sheet. Vlad consoled Alyona and helped her to gain composure. After he left, Ceausescu said, “Perhaps she is gone insane!” Vlad said, “I refuse to believe that!”
Next morning, Vlad asked Ceausescu about some spells from different parts of world that could bring supernatural advantages. With complete report, Ceausescu told Vlad about a vampire called Kalush who was secretly ruling a city of seven islands (modern day Mumbai). Vlad wanted to know how Kalush became a vampire.

Ceausescu told a story to Vlad:


Treta Yug – 10, 0032 BC

Thousands of years ago, Kalush was born to a warlord called Prajwal and his witch wife Aastha! In Aryavarta, witches were known as Taantrikas. Sorcerers were known as Taantriks! Prajwal conquered various tribes and ruled them!
On the day Kalush was born, there was an earthquake in the area ruled by Prajwal. A priest named the baby “Kalush” (blot), saying that earthquake came as new born baby was the human form of malice. Enraged Prajwal killed the priest.
Demons led by Kroorasur wanted to kill Prajwal! Prajwal was a devotee of Shiva! He was performing a ritual seeking blessings of Shiva to conquer demons! An attack from demons resulted in the killing of Hridayesh, the youngest son of Prajwal!

Enraged over death of brother, Kalush planned a ritual to gain supernatural powers to kill demons! Kurupa, demoness in the gang of Kroorasur abducted Aastha and reached the spot of ritual, taking her form to start the ritual! She tricked the sons of Aastha performed a dark ritual of turning them into vampires. Her intention was subjugate the army of Kalush by enslaving them and giving them human blood as a salary. Along with some soldiers of Kalush, Kurupa (in the form of Aastha) turned Prajwal, Alwar, Kalush, Ragini and Kalp into vampires.

Meanwhile, Aastha freed herself from the captivity of demons. Reaching the spot of ritual, she exposed Kurupa. Kurupa tried to flee but was captured and ended up being the first “blood pack” for all four vampire siblings and their father.
Aastha knew various immortality spells. She did not want to lose her powers as a witch by becoming a vampire. So she did not become a vampire but her family became the first vampire family of Aryavarta.

Kaliyug – 1442 AD:

After hearing the story from Ceausescu, Vlad met Miruna Eliade, a witch loyal to him. He asked whether it was possible for him to posses the vampire abilities in human form as he wanted to kill the werewolf pack that killed his father.
Miruna confirmed that it was. First she designed a mystical sign on the ground and put the deadbody of a man killed by the bite of a bat.
On another mystical design, Vlad stood. Chanting the spell, Miruna cut a bat with knife and made the blood drop on the dead body.
Winds started blowing. Closing her eyes, Miruna chanted:
Evocatis naturae viribus, concedo supernaturalis vires sanguis suckin meo regi ultori
An aura appeared on the dead body and another aura appeared around the body of Vlad. Vlad felt powerful. Miruna chanted another spell.
Sum rex ab eo erunt immortales. Nihil in hoc mundo occidatur.

After the spell was over, auras disappeared. Miruna told Vlad, “According to your stars, strong possibility of death is in 1462! But now that can be evaded!” Vlad asked, “How?” Miruna replied, “If anyone kills you now, you will not die! Instead, you will become a vampire! Right now, you have the physical strength, speed and hearing ability of a vampire! Once you become a vampire, you will get many new powers!”

Vlad returned to castle. He was told that Alyona fainted and was not waking up. Doctor checking on her called her healthy. Vlad suspected witchcraft. Writing a note to Miruna, he sent it via pigeon. He left for forest to test his new powers. Miruna‘s spell worked. Alyona was waking up. She had dream of Vlad getting stabbed. Once awoke, she ran looking for him and saw Ceausescu following her with a knife. In the other direction, she saw Galina who was now aligned with Ceausescu.

The two abducted Alyona and took her into a dark location where a witch called Lenuta Dumitru was performing a dark ritual. Alyona was tied up for sacrifice. Hearing her cries from a distance, Vlad reached there with superhuman speed. Seeing Vlad, Lenuta raised her hand and chanted:
Tenebris potentiis naturalibus non possim te mei estis
Vlad fall on his feet, trying to get up. He felt agonizing pain. Ceausescu said, “I formed an alliance with wolves to kill your father! We tried to kill Alyona as grief would have weakened you! Then I would rule with my coven of witches and my queen Galina!”

Ceausescu chanted:
Naturae viribus dominari permittas evertere regnum rex
Vlad was not an ordinary human now. He threw a knife stabbing Lenuta. Using his speed he ripped of the head of Ceausescu. After that, he stabbed a shocked Galina with his sword.
He freed Alyona who was sobbing. Tightly hugging Vlad she said, “I love you Vlad! Only you can protect me!” Looking in her eyes Vlad replied, “I love you too Alyona! Will you marry me?”
With tears in her eyes, Alyona shook her head in a “yes”.

(For now)


Rating - 142/200

Judges (Round 3) - Pankaj V. (Shaan), Mayank Sharma and Mohit Trendster. 

Total Rating (3 Rounds) - 391/600 (65.16%)

*Final team ranking list after the announcement of all Round 3 Results.

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