Thursday, January 28, 2016

Round 3 - Team # 03 (Handika & Vyom) #ftc1516


(Team # 03 - Handika and Vyom) body ached for some unknown reason. The side of my face was numb from coldness of the tile floor. I looked around the room to see only faded out lines of furniture. There was no lightening in the room, only from the moon that peaked through the trees outside. I think I woke up in a cafeteria. The room was big, and open. The moon only gave me enough light to see dark shadows of tables and chairs. I stood up from the ground, and brushed off leaves on my shoulders. Is this place abandoned? I heard leaves, and even some sticks, crunch underneath my feet. I put my hands out in front of me as I walk blindly through the large room searching for a wall, or a door, anything really. My fingertips brushed against something warm. I immediately jerked my hand back. My hands shake as I reached back out for the warm, hard surface. Nothing was there. I waved my hand around in the air in front of me. There was nothing there! My feet suddenly launched forward as I ran with my hands out in front of me. I touched something warm, and then it disappeared! It could be anything! My hands slammed into a cold, rough surface. I was more relieved to have my hands stinging in pain from something cold, than something warm. I felt the thing in front of me some more. It was rough like it was wood. I touched something colder than the wood. It was also smooth; it must be metal. I gripped the doorknob and open the door. It was black: there's no light, no out lines of objects, nothing. I actually turned around and thought about going back to the cafeteria. Then the lights flickered on.

The door lead to a hallway. Only the lights turned on in the hallway. I peak my head around, and was impressed by walls. It was a solid red, with golden flowers that floated down the walls. The floor was still tiled with dead leaves laying around. I picked left, and starting walking down the hallway. Was this place a hospital or a hotel? It looked nice like a hotel. Sometimes, a door would come by with numbers on it, and a lock on the door. But then there’ll be a hospital bed pressed against the wall. This building was confusing. What is this place? An insane alyssum? The lights flicker on and off, and my feet moved faster. Something clank to the ground. I spun around to see a dark figure slip into a room. A scream ripped through my throat. I quickly ran into a room, and locked the door. Tears warmed my cheeks as I put the chain lock on, and stuff a chair under the door handle. I looked around the room to see a royal blue themed room. It was much like the hallway but the wall was royal blue, and the flowers were silver. The room seemed old as the dark furiture ha water stains on them, and a typewriter on a table was covered in dust. 

I sat down on the dusty bed, and took a deep breath. The adrenaline left my body as the reminder of my aching muscles came back. I felt exhausted. My eyes were dropping, and felt like anchors. I couldn’t go to sleep. What if that person, or thing, kills me? It’ll be stupid to fall asleep now. Unless, unless I have a weapon to fight back with. I stood up on my numb feet and stumbled into the bathroom. I spotted the plunger. I put on foot on the rubber, and pulled it off with my hands. I stumble back as I held a wooden stick in my hand. I went back to the bedroom, and looked at the bed. I was really tired, but I was really scared. I dropped myself onto the bed, with the plunger stick in my hands. I closed my eyes tight. Shuffle of leaves woke me up. I scrambled up to the head of the bed. I went to grab my stick, but only to find it gone. The door was wide open. I looked around the room to find myself alone. I’m alone? Who opened the door? I looked at the end of the bed to find a blood red rose.

Rating - 94/200

Total Rating (3 Rounds) - 275/600 (45.83%)

Judges - Pankaj V., Mayank Sharma and Mohit Trendster

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