Monday, February 15, 2016

Round 3 - Team # 05 (Dominik & Kuldeep) #ftc1516

Mind Horror

You lay awake, listening to the sounds of the morning; the window slightly open to let in some ambience so you don't feel alone. The odd car or van that passes gives you some feeling of belonging, because in the small hours of the morning, you feel as though you are the only person in the world...but part of you knows that you are not alone in the bedroom.

You left the light on, that much has always been true since your infant days when you begged your mother or father to leave the night light on. You feared That Which Dwells Under the Bed. You always have, because of the noises you used to hear as sleep carried you off to your nightmares. 

Sometimes the dreams were good, but most were bad, and they were caused by the thing under the bed. Wasn't they?

Now, you feel rooted to the bed. You are sure that it is under the bed, waiting for you to swing a leg out so It can grab your ankle and drag you, screaming, underneath with it. Maybe it wants a cuddle? Have you mistaken The Thing Under The Bed for a malicious, devious monster, a monster that really just wants a kiss? 

You look at the wardrobe, sure that you had closed it after getting your pyjamas from it stands ajar, as if something has come out and left it thus; but you know better. You know that The Thing Under the Bed wants you to think that. 

It has done this on purpose, but you are wise to its tricks. 

It hasn't caught you yet, but the morning light is far from the horizon, and there is time yet. Can you wait the three hours until the Sun's rays grace the night sky turning it blue? Can you stay quiet enough so that the monster under the bed doesn't shamble from its place, giggling, snarling and licking its waxy lips? Maybe it won't hurt.

Perhaps you could make it, if you chanced it, to get from the bed, run to the door and get into the bathroom...that nagging need to urinate is bothersome, is it not?

The urge is always directly proportionate to the ability to get to the toilet. Perhaps the dash doesn't seem so irrational now....

A creak, a tapping. It has to be the old pipes, or as mother used to say 'the house settling.' You believe this with all your heart; all your being, but there is that one corner of your mind that screams 'IT'S UNDER THE BED!'


Rating - 104/200

Total Rating (3 Rounds) - 299/600 (49.83%)

Judges - Mayank Sharma, Mohit Trendster and Pankaj V. (Shaan)

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