Saturday, January 30, 2016

Round # 3 - Team # 12 (Frank & Mark) #ftc1516

"Let me save you..." 

Thunder crashed, making me leap out of bed, as lightning lit a small corner of the room. I leaped out stumbling into the darkness to pin the black cloth I kept over my windows. Breathing heavily I listened into the darkness... Silence. 
"Jesus.." I breathed.  Practically crying from the adrenaline. I held my face, running desperate, shaky fingers through my hair. 

How, how the hell did this happen? I thought. My being stuck, in my house, making myself into a hermit. Sleeping in an open space, no places to hide, no gaps, or anything obscuring my vision. 
Lightning once again roared outside my bedroom window, creating a purple luminescence through the fabric above my head. I gasped. No windows. Even my bed had no under to it. Just a large wood platform, completely nailed shut. Sometimes I could hear knocking from under there, maybe I sealed one of them up? 
"Heh..." I laughed. That would have been too good to be true. They can't be touched, can't be seen by most. I dont even know how I- 
"That fucking mirror!" I breathed in realization, tears now streaming down my cheeks. 

It happened about a month ago, when I moved into my new apartment. The rent was cheap, and the original owners left their belongings. One in particular, a large victorian mirror on the wall in the foyer. It was polished, new looking despite the era. It was beautiful. 
That night was pleasant, sleeping on the new mattress I had gotten to fit the bed frame. I didn't have much going there, so the thought of being able to move into a new life style, without any worries relaxed me. 

Until the scratching came. It started as an annoyance. Mice, maybe squirrels I thought. If it was rats i'd have to call pest control and I didn't want to have to do that. It got, worse though... So, so much worse. What once was a scratch became an ear piercing whine, a desperate cry for burst out of the walls, out of my head! It's sound was of wood complaining, being bent the wrong way, bone snapping teeth on teeth, glass on glass! It made my ears bleed, and my body sweat ice. 
It became so, unbearable one night, I rushed out of my room. Only to have the sound increase in volume! Then stop... As I reached the mirror. I could see my reflection, no surprise there... But I was smiling. Smiling with an ominous darkness that I knew couldn't be there, because of the windows behind me in the living room. 
"Wont you join us?" I said breaking the eerie silence. But from the mirror, from that thing in the mirror. I was taken aback, I couldn't speak, but my reflection had my voice. 
"Come with us Arthur..." It said, a black, clawlike hand reaching around it's- my shoulder! I could feel it, even though I looked at my own shoulder and nothing was there. I could feel it's fingernails raking my bear skin. 
"Let us save you.." It whispered in my ear softly. My eyes snapped back to the mirror! Black, twitching things crawled out of the darkness, crowding me, caressing me head to toe. There milked over eyes staring back at me through the glass... 
"Let us save you..." They repeated again, in those horrible little voices resonated throughout my room and head. One of their long fingertips cracked, twitching, snapping to a point, moving out of the mirror slowly, like a demented shadow.  It parted my lips, circling them with it's claw.
"Let us me save you Arthur..." It's whisper, more or less screeched in my ear. I panicked, kicking the mirror causing it to crack. There came a bellowing shriek from all around the room, now filled with this darkness. I ran, out of that apartment, I'm not sure how far now, it may have been another part of the city completely. But I wanted as far away from there as possible. Any hotel, or even cardboard box would do. Just not there.
I decided to go back there during the day after. The mirror had been cracked, as I expected. And there was no darkness in the room. 
I laughed, wondering what I was on last night. Looking into the mirror's reflection, I waved an arm, and of course so did the me on the other end. I continued to chuckle, until I noticed the black ink like handprint where the mirror had been cracked, a long thin hand, that seemed to bleed from the crack. But it was a print, left over by those... Things! 
It twitched, and what sounded like a hiss could be heard through the crack. I grabbed a chair from the kitchen... Smashing that glass monstrosity. 

I through what was left on a fire outside in the alley, hopefully it would help a poor homeless person find warmth that night. 

I left the next day, selling what ever was there and finding a new place. But that only helped for a while. I started seeing them, everywhere, in the corners of alleyways through windows, In gaps under my bed in my phone screen, trying to drown me in the very water I drank! Clawing at me from the shadows, making me bleed. All whispering... All in my reflection. 
That explains me now huh? The fabric on my windows, the open space, no where for them to hide. 
    I chuckled to myself, tears streaming down my face, seering the scratches on my arms and whist. Until the pain, mental and physical became, unbearable, and laughter turned to crying. 
Then silence... Silence that wasn't suppose to happen, A purple glow came from the fabric over my windows. S-silence... 
"Whats wrong..." A claw sapping and twitching came from the corner of my room, how! It's hand cracked and popped, as it peered out. 
"Let me help you... Let... Me save you..." It said, its teeth and lipless mouth grinning at me as its head snapped back and forth, back, b-back and forth. 
"T-turn... a.. round..." Another slimily squeezed ceilings corner, it's head cracked to look at me. 
"Let me save you..." They crawled and slithered out from everywhere, behind every corner, every crevice of my room! They must have gotten through the window, the fabric, was, unpinned. I thought. 
One of them pulled my face toward there's grinning madly! 
I kicked it, leaving a black stain on my foot, it stung! 
I screamed, running to the hall! Slamming the door behind me 
"Let us save you Arthur" they shrieked painfully "come with us" they scratched, scratched at the door to my bedroom. The dark closed in on me as there whispers in my head grew louder "Let us save you, let us help you relax."

"FUCK! YOU!" I screamed! Tripping stumbling, and landing. Right, in front, of the mirror. No, no, no, no I thought. 
"No! I burned you, I-" The things crawled out of the corners, cracks, and crevices of my old apartment... The one I left. There long fingers stretched for me, I couldn't move as my reflection was caressed, groped by these darkness... Just as there hands slid over my eyes, there fingers slowly sliding down my throat. They stopped...

I could see, something in the mirror. A person, the back of a person. The creatures attention turned, creeping toward the windows near the person standing there. They shivered. Could this person feel them? That thought quickly vanished, as the darkness reached through the windows, and cracks in the room. I pounded on the glass of the mirror.
"You need to move!" I shouted, "they're coming!"  
There long feature lightly touched the persons spine as they creeped from under them. Why were they attacking they only, then I saw it... The screen, they were looking at a screen! The reflection was attracting them! 
"Move!" I screamed, crying out. They seemed to react, if only suddenly. 
"Turn around! Look at me! Just run, just look at me, just come to the mirror!" Only a slight reaction. This person seemed to be reacting to my thoughts, they were reading me? Reading my thoughts on the screen! I could see them forming! So why weren't they listening! Things still crept closer!
"Just come, come to the mirror! TURN! AROUND! just..." 

Let me save you... 


Rating - 149/200

Total Rating (3 Rounds) - 440/600 (73.33%)

Judges - Mohit Trendster, Pankaj V. and Mayank Sharma

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