Monday, October 26, 2015

R2 Participatory Entry (Team # 09)

Team 09) - Rory Jasper McGinnity – Evans Elise 

Round 1 Entry not submitted

Round 2 (Participatory Entry)*

Aye mate, a remember when we were ower at Barry Budden barracks near Carnoustie (Dundee way.) We awe loaded intae the back o' trucks The hale 4th/5th battalion Royal Scots fusiliers there wis hundreds o' us, fae awe airts an' pairts o' Ayshire: Kilmarnock, Cumnock, Irvine, Ayr etc. 

We three, masel' an Tam Stowe came fae Mauchline (along wi' a few ithers) an Peter Bulloch fae Ballochmyle, his faither wis the gowf club manager at that time (1965 or 66).  Anyway away we awe went, fur miles and miles an' we were awe singin' Royal Scots, Royal Scots, Fusiliers from Ayr............... Magic,  An' Hey wee man wi' the big stick in yer han' will ye play a simple melody..... Pure dead brilliant, can ye imagine awe us, hunners o' so'dgers awe singin' like linties. It was an amazin' sound. 

Finally we arrived at oor destination, where, we didnae ken, awe we knew wis we had tae break up intae 3 man-teams and dig a hole big enough fur three, (Peter, Tam an masel wis oor three) and tae get intae it in a sittin' up position completely covered an' camouflaged. 

This we did, the hale battalion, hunners o' holes, here there an' everywhere, the next we kent wis a spotter aircraft flew ower oor position takin' aerial photographs tae see how weel camouflaged we were. When we heard it fleein' ower us, me, Tam and Peter louped oot oor hole an' waved at the plane................   Whit a laugh. Oops!!!!! 

Next we new the Captain Adjutant wis shoutin' doon oor hole 'Stowe and Welsh, come with me'. Oh-oh we thought, we're in big trouble, but no, when we clambered oot oor hole he says 'We're off on night manoeuvres, bring your radio Welsh'. It wis then a thought why did a hufty take that radio course? Numpty! Off we went.

We had travelled for what seemed hours looking for the enemy camp (Occupied by another Scots battalion, a mock battle.) and now it was getting very dark. The captain Adjutant says to us, to stay where we were while he went on ahead, so we did and immediately lit up oor fags. While we lay back lookin' up at the stars relaxin', we noticed a sentry up on the hill.................Panic set in, we extinguished oor fags rapid. As oor eyes got more accustomed to the dim darkness we realised we were right in the middle of the 'enemy' camp. 

The Captain appeared saying 'Didn't you see me signal you to come to me?' 'No sir.' we said, thinkin whit a balloon! We couldnae see him never mind his signal. Anyway, he said 'Radio back to headquarters and give them the enemies camp co-ordinates Welsh'.       

I tried a few times, but couldnae contact H.Q. and so I told the Captain,  'Because we were in a hollow my signal was just bouncing and I can't get through'. The Captain muttered to himself and then told us to follow him, so we did, incredibly all the way safely back tae camp, phew!

We wis just settlin' doon fur a wee snooze when we were told to assemble at the double. We wis goin' tae attack............... Aff we goes.

The Captain Adjutant showed the way, we followed and so did the rest o' the Battalion and did so very quietly indeed, amazin'. After a while we stopped behind a long long ridge. We were told to pass the word that the 'Enemy' wis oan the ither side o' the ridge. 

Me an' Tam baith sis we didnae recognise this place. But anyway I was told to radio back to H.Q. and give them our co-ordinates. I did so with my fingers crossed. This time success, I got through and gave them our position.

Within seconds the dark sky was illuminated for miles, it was like a John Wayne war picture at the Odeon Picture house, It was really somethin'. The call went up, CHARGE, off we went pipes blairin', over the ridge we went, CHARGE, right intae the sea................................    ..

Oh Naw!!!!!!! 

Notes - The regiment was raised in Scotland in 1678 by Stuart loyalist Charles Erskine

Rating - 45/200

(*Out of competition, participatory entry to improve overall team ranking)

Judge - Mohit Trendster

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