Friday, July 26, 2013

Judge # 01 - FA Gang Stuffs & Simmi Singh

 Panel headed by Miss Simmi Singh reviewed and judged 4 matches of Round 3 (Pre Quarter Finals)

1. FA Gang Stuffs
We are a group of hobbyist who are into making and publishing some art related stuffs.

We love to share our opinions about movies, art and anything that looks interesting to us.

We try to make some comics and publish it online. There are series like SIMMI AND FRIENDS that can be found on our blog/page etc. on some Sundays.

Making rough sketches and random doodles is quite a part of us. We make just anything rubbish, hoping everyone will like it.

We are publishing our "own books only" to raise funds for our research and making our team stronger.

FA Gang Stuffs pronounced F -- A -- Gang -- Stuffs. which means FA Gang's Stuffs i.e. our own stuffs. One can find sites or pages named FA Gang's Art Hunt where we share other's artwork that we find to be awesome and FA don't stand for anything, it just a name.

We spend our spare time after our day job to work for art and stuffs. Currently focused to research and promotion of the art and issues of the Tribal groups from Chotanagpur and near by areas. Trying to generate funds for this by selling stuffs under the brand FA Gang Stuffs.

We are Kolkata based group and our members & supporters are from all over India. They try to help as much as they can, without being paid. Even our core members from Kolkata don't get paid for what they do. We Invest all our income to find more and work more to make this organization stronger with art and stuffs. Most of us of our team has not seen each other by face as we operate online. We try to highlight Simmi Singh, for she does the most of the contributions and the work from her part.

Simmi, is a very young and extremely enthusiastic lady from Kolkata. She is the most hardworking member of our core team. She gives the best of her to keep up the Team FA Gang Stuffs. Her donations, non-stop work, posts and support keeps the Team going.

She believes in not going public, for she wants and expects to work more by actually being among the crowd she is working for. She has been with us from the very beginning and working without any expectations from us. She gives away all her works to FA Gang Stuffs which owns all the rights to it. Sadly, she is so conservative that even we members don't know her by face and she wants it to be the same as long as she works.

She believes that the day she will be in the in the lime light, it would be the end of her existence and she would have to stop working for us permanently. For she won't be able to speak independently enough, as she is doing today by being anonymous, if her family and she herself comes into any kind of political or controversial influence.

6. TEAM FA GANG STUFFS words from the owner
I know that with Simmi's anonymity, all charges and accusation, "if comes", it comes up to me. But I am willing to take that risk for my people (Tribal population) for whom she is working for and I will have to, for I honor her and can't just take the good side as bad comes along with it.

- Amrit Tigga

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