Friday, June 28, 2013

Freelance Talents Championship Parallel League Results

Firstly, Thank You! everyone for your participation, for your interest and for your texts.

The respective juries have had a difficult task selecting the winners among 281 entries, varied and worthy candidates. However, many mesmerizing stories, scenes, poems were not on given theme and exceeded word limit (2000 Words) losing precious points.

Finally we are proud to announce that the winners of the competition are:

1. James Linton (Champion)

2. Jonathan M Francis

Jim Lescher

Nitish Chandan (Indian Champion)

5. Robert Davidson

6. Gary Alexander  

7. Ambica Bhardwaj

8. Mukesh Bohra

9. Jyoti Singh

10. Saurab Mehra

11. Avijit Misra

12. Dheeraj Kumar 

13. Amit Rawat

We will share all the entries as the tournament progresses.  

Judges - Kshitij Dhyani, Pankaj Vijayvargiya, Mayank Sharma, Kshitish Padhy, Melina Dina, Vivek Goel, Fenil Sherdiwala, Simmi Singh & Soumya Sucharit Das. 

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